10 Best websites to watch Asian dramas Online in 2022

10 Best websites to watch Asian dramas Online in 2022

10 Best websites to watch Asian dramas Online in the Year 2022 - Asia is Earth's largest and most populous continent. Asia is also called the land of diversities, so Asian dramas also occupy a range of diversities. It has 60% of the world population and 1/4th of people living outside are also Asian by birth or either of their parents are Asians, so Asian dramas are popular outside Asia. Asia has two countries whose population is over 1 billion, i.e. India and China. These two countries have a huge number of Students doctors, nurses, and businessmen spread all over the world, so anything popular in both or one of the countries can also make Asian dramas more popular. Many Asian directors, actors, costume designers, etc. have won Oscars and also made Asian dramas more popular nowadays. Here we are going to talk about the ten websites where you watch Asian dramas online with a subscription.

List of top 10 Online Asian Drama Websites!

10 Best websites to watch Asian dramas Online in 2022


Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming available on the internet that includes many hit movies, Serials and web series, etc. in different languages and Asian dramas are also included on this app which you can connect to your Smart TV and PC with HDMI cable. 

Asian dramas which are available on Netflix come in HD format along with foreign subtitles like English or Spanish etc. Netflix is a subscription service that guarantees total quality with no irritating ads and allows you to stream uninterrupted.it is available worldwide except mainland China(due to local restrictions), Syria, North Korea, and Crimea due to US sanctions. Currently, Netflix has 209 million subscribers, including 72 million in the US and Canada. It was founded on the 29th of August 1997 in Scotts Valley, California, and headquartered in Los Gatos, California, United States.



Hulu is one of the popular American Subscription Video on Demand over the top streaming services like Netflix, owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company and Comcast, which was launched on 29th of October 2007. Asian dramas on Hulu are some of the most-watched shows. You can even watch any Asian drama like Korean drama etc. online on Hulu by selecting that category.

You can even watch the same Asian dramas on Hulu Mobile App that allows you to Stream the Videos online on your mobile. If you subscribe to the subscription service, you can access the content anytime you wish. Hulu has 42.8 million users as of July 3, 2021.

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Viki is a video streaming website headquartered in San Mateo, California,  which was founded in 2007 and launched in December 2010. It has a huge collection of Asian dramas and movies mostly from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and many other Asian Countries. 

Once you become a member or subscriber, you will get a free trial period of 7 days to watch Asian dramas, and you have to pay monthly or yearly subscription fees once the trial period is over. If you want to watch a popular Asian drama with high quality, then Viki is one of the best apps.



Viu is an over-the-top (OTT) video streaming platform from Viu International Company, a PCCW Group Company based in Hongkong. It was launched in October 2015. Viu has more than 36 million active users as of June 2020. The contents of Viu are being borrowed or copied by many other Korean websites because it brings the best Korean dramas as well as other drama films and the most up-to-date Asian Drama website

You need a subscription to watch the content from this site and the best part of this site has Download tools that allow its users to take videos offline, so the user can watch the content whenever they want to watch. 



KissAsian Website has an enormous catalog of Asian movies which has English dubbed shows that can be enjoyed by bilingual audiences. This website interface is user-friendly, which helps users to easily navigate. Since all the movies on this website are in HD format, it will be a visual treat to the audience. 



Asiancrush is a website that offers entertainment related to Asian dramas as well as Chinese Martial arts films. The users need to pay for the service and there are also apps under the name of this website that allow the users to watch shows and films on their Smart TV. 

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DramaGo is a website, especially for Korean dramas. This website is very fast in streaming because the developers regularly update the website. Many Korean movies are winning Oscars, which makes this website very special for audiences who want to watch movies that won an Oscar along with English subtitles in the movie for viewers. Apart from this, you can also find the latest Asian drama on this website.


New Asian TV

New Asian TV website contains a mixture of Asian dramas, where horror and drama movies are among the most-watched movies. You can download the movies free from this website, and it is accessible to more than 14 countries, but there are certain countries that might not be able to access the content from this website.



Drama Nice is a website where you will find only one genre of movies i.e drama, while most of them are Korean drama movies but you can also find Asian movies. This website is very good for those who want to see only drama-related movies and is quite popular among drama movie fans or drama movie lovers. 



Good Drama is an excellent website of Asian dramas which has a huge collection of drama movies and the movies are divided according to their genre which makes it easier to select for the users. Most of the dramas on this website are Korean, but a number of films from Japan and China are also available on this website.

All the above websites have specialties now it is up to the users or audiences to select which will be best as per their needs or requirements.

Must Check - FAQs

1. Which are the most popular websites to watch Asian dramas?

Netflix, Hulu and Viu are the most popular websites to watch Asian dramas online.

2. Which website allows the users to download for free?

New Asian TV allows the users to download the contents for free

3. Which website has a huge collection of Asian dramas?

The GoodDrama website has a vast collection of Asian dramas.

4. Which website is only made for Asian Dramas?

DramaNice is the only website where you can find only Asian dramas.

5. Which website has the best horror movie ?

New Asian TV website has the best horror movies.

6. New Asian TV website has the best horror movies.

DramaGo is the best website to watch Korean dramas because the developers regularly update the website and the movies have English subtitles.

7. Which website has the best Chinese Martial arts films or movies?

Asiancrush is the best website to watch Chinese Martial arts films or movies.

8. Which website has a huge collection of Asian dramas dubbed in English?

KissAsian website has a huge collection of Asian movies which are dubbed in English.