Bob Lazar Net Worth, Age, Wife, Girlfriend, Height, Relationship Status!

Bob Lazar is a Conspiracy theorist by profession. To know more about Bob Lazar you need to go through the complete article below. We gonna put light on Bob Lazar Net Worth, Bob Lazar Age, Height, Girlfriend. Bob Lazar is 62 years old. Let check below!

Bob Lazar Net Worth | Bob Lazar Wife, Height, Age, and Bio

Bob Lazar Net Worth, Age, Wife, Girlfriend, Height, Relationship Status!

Real name/Full name

Robert Scott Lazar


62 years old

Known by

Bob Lazar

Relationship status


Name of wife or spouse

Joy White



Date of Birth

26th January 1959


Coral Gables, Florida, USA




179 cm, 1.79m


78 kgs

Sexual orientations


Name of son


Name of daughter


Is Bob Lazar dating?


Does Bob Lazar have any girlfriends?



Conspiracy theorist

Is Bob Lazar gay?




Net worth

500 thousand US dollars


The Real name or full name of famous conspiracy theorist Bob Lazar is Robert Scott Lazar. Robert Scott Lazar is known for his article terrestrial innovation in the south of the United States of America. He has secured scholar marks in the course of American connivance. In the late 1980s, he professed extraterrestrial innovation and figured out the mystery regarding extraterrestrial innovation. Bob lazar depicted and concluded the mystery of extraterrestrial innovation which is famously known by the mystery site as 'S-4'. According to Robert Scott Lazar, in a few kilometers of regions away from the south side of the United States of America, there is an auxiliary establishment near the area known as Area 51 which is near the air force office of the South of the United States of America.


Bob Lazar Early life and Biography

Bob Lazar was born on 26th January 1959 in the United States of America. The zodiac sign of Robert Scott Lazar is Aquaria. He is currently 62 years old. The mother of Robert Scott Lazar is Phyllis Berliner Lazar while the father of Robert Scott Lazar is Albert lazar. Robert Scott Lazar has completed his primary education in Los Angeles College called pierce Junior college. Robert Scott Lazar claimed himself as self-employed and an independent film professor. In the year 1986, he solved financial insolvency and declared it. Later he got a job in United nuclear scientific equipment and supplies, where he used to work for providing supplies of the assortment of material and chemicals and he used to sell it.


Education details of Bob Lazar

Bob Lazar has completed his primary education at Los Angeles College called Pierce Junior College. According to Scott Lazar himself, he has got his master's degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in physics. Robert Scott Lazar also claimed that he has also secured a master degree from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in the electronic technology field. There is no such information or data available of the education details of Bob Lazar, which will testify that he has got a master's degree in Physics and electronic technology, as there is no record in the respective colleges.


Bob Lazar Personal life

In the year 2006, Robert Scott Lazar was charged with shipping restricted substances. Where he met Joy White. Together they have worked over shipping restricted substances for a longer period. And later, after some years, Robert Scott Lazar got married to Joy white.


Relationship Statistics of Robert Scott Lazar

What is the marital status of Robert Scott Lazar?

Robert Scott Lazar is married to his long-term partner Joy White.

Is Robert Scott Lazar dating someone?

There is no information available about his girlfriend and dating.

How many kids, Robert Scott Lazar have?

There is no information available regarding the Kids of Robert Scott Lazar.


Bob Lazar Career, Conspiracy, and achievements

At the meeting held in May 1989, in Las Vegas TV station, Robert Scott Lazar caught the eyes of many people by talking about his work on Area 51 which became famous by the mystery site S-4. He talked about an auxiliary establishment which is near the Nellis Air Force of the south of the United States of America. He also found the Groom lake office near Area 51. Many documentaries were released regarding the Area 51 work of Bob Lazar as he was the first person to speak against the government of the United States of America.


In the year 1982, Robert Scott Lazar also got famed with an article published on him in the Alamogordo newspaper stating that he is a physicist in Los Amigos, later he got repudiated with the physics lab.


In the year 1990, he got arrested and sentenced to 150 hours of psychotherapy, warehouse, and community services as he supported the prostitution ring which is then considered a crime. In the year 2006, his wife Joy white got arrested as she caught trespassing the restricted shipping substances across the border.


Bob Lazar Net Worth 

Robert Scott Lazar aka Bob Lazar is working in United nuclear scientific equipment and supplies, where he sells the materials and chemicals. As of 2021, the net worth of Bob Lazar is claimed to be 500 thousand US dollars. However, there is no data available to tell about the salary of Bob Lazar.


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