Chris Heria Net Worth Income - Age, Height, Bio, Girlfriend {Updated}

Chris Heria Net Worth Income - Age, Height, Bio, Girlfriend {Updated}

Searching for Chris Heria Net Worth Income, Girlfriend, Wife, Bio, Age, Height, Partner? Chris Heria is a fitness expert, athlete, and trainer at ThenEx fitness program. He is also a founder and chief executive officer of this program. He teaches many students daily workout which includes weight lifting and other fitness training through this program and also through his personal YouTube channel. Along with the ThenEx fitness program, Chris Heria has also founded the Miami trainer academy in Miami where he teaches many students about fitness. He is also a member and athlete of the famous Barstazz workout team. For the training, he has also owned his gym. Chris Heria through his YouTube channel and other social media platforms has gained more than 4.3 million subscribers on YouTube and thousands and millions of followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In a very short period, he became the celebrity and fitness inspiration for youth in the fitness world. He has increased the bar of fitness and athleticism. 

Chris Heria Net Worth Income | Chris Heria Girlfriend | Chris Heria Age, Height & Bio

Chris Heria Net Worth Income - Age, Height, Bio, Girlfriend {Updated}

Chris Heria Controversy

He got controversial in the year 2012 for stabbing a knife in the back of his ex-girlfriend's cousin but immediately got bailed out as in defense he said that he was being attacked and what he did was just a part of self-defense.

Also in 2018, his video of burning belly fat through intense workout got criticized and trolled by many users on YouTube.


Chris Heria Age

Chris Heria was born on 21st December 1991 in Miami, United States of America. So as of now in 2021, he is just 29 years old.


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Tattoos on Chris Heria body

Chris has covered his body with varieties of tattoos on his shoulder, hands, and neck.


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Chris Heria has also released the music albums in the 2018 year on YouTube by the title names on my mind, Patient and Feeling of you. His music album named Feeling of you has gained more than 5 million views on YouTube.


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