Clever Login & Register - How to do Clever Student Login

Clever Login - Clever is a start-up that is built as a single sign-on portal for educators, it is software that has the potential to empower teachers and create new ways to learn. In this article we will cover on how to do Clever Student Login & Register!

It was born in Denver by its co-founder Dan Carroll.

More than 60% of U.S K 12 schools use this application and 15 million students log in to Clever in a month.

It is a Purpose-led organization that is passionate about modern and digital learning, also unleashing the potential within every learner.

Registration Process in Clever Application

Clever  Login & Register - How to do Clever Student Login

You can register your name in Clever Company with the help of some applications as a student or as a Teacher. Those applications names are mentioned below-

a) Register through Bulb Application

Or you can directly visit bulbapp.com/b/sign-up for sign up process

b) Register through CleverClogs as a Tutor

Or you can directly visit cleverclogs.co/login-user for sign up process

c) Register through Clevercrazes

Or you can directly visit clevercrazes.com/page/how_to_register


Log In Process in Clever Application

There are so many ways by which you can log in to Clever Company, Below I am noting down such kind ways -

a) Log in using Safari Browser

b) Log in using Badges as a student

Or you can go directly to Clever.com/badges and follow the same process.

Must Check - FAQs

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