Holderness Family Net Worth in 2022 : Income, Age, and Wife

Holderness Family Net Worth in 2022 : Income, Age, and Wife

Let us have a look on Holderness Family net worth in 2022 - In this article, we will briefly discuss the Holderness Family's net worth. The Holderness Family is an American internet personality who is famous for their Facebook and YouTube channels to their fans.

It has over 5 million combined subscribers and over 1 billion total views. They engaged in doing family-focused parodies, skits, and vlogs. Now see Holderness Family Net Worth 2021 - Income, Age, and Wife, etc. 

Holderness Family Names (members) Kim - Wife 
Lola - Daughter
Penn Charles - Son
Age Penn is 46 years old, Kim is 45, Lola is 14 years, Penn Charles is only 11 years old
Birth Place America
Current Residence America
Religion Not Known
Occupation YouTubers
Official Sites Holderness Family Website
Holderness Family Net Worth $259.23 Thousand

Holderness Family Net Worth in 2022 : Income, Age, and Wife

About Holderness Family

We will have a close look into the Holderness Family along with the Holderness Family's Net Worth. They are a four-member-based Holderness family in Raleigh, North Carolina, father (Penn), mother (Kim), daughter (Lola), and son (Penn Charles). Penn was born on the 13th of October in 1974 in North Carolina, USA. Among his siblings, he only had a brother, named Dale Holderness, who is an accountant. He completed his schooling at Charles E.Jordan High School. He was also a musical student (choral) in the Governor’s School of North Carolina. Apart from this He was a good basketball player since his school days. Penn Holderness got his degree from the University of Virginia in philosophy in 1996. Penn Holderness Wife, Kim was born on the 27th of March in 1976 in Florida, US. In 1998, she received her degree in telecommunications, She used to be a dancer and also used to be a part of a dancing group called Dazzler Dance Team which danced at athletics events. Soon they fell for each other, so tied the knot in 2005, and started a new chapter of their life. Firstly The couple was blessed with a daughter child on the 7th of February in 2007 by the name Lola Holderness. On 26th March 2010, they had a son also named, Penn Charles Holderness. Both of their children are in their comedy videos. The Holderness Family is a creative consultant at Walk West. It is a Raleigh-based marketing and advertising firm. In the year of 2013, the Holderness Family formed their own company as ‘Holderness Family where Kim Holderness is the executive officer and Penn is the chief creative officer.

They have been running their YouTube channel since September 2011 and have 623 videos available on Holderness YouTube channel so far. The Holderness Family Gained popularity in 2013 when Holderness Family released "XMAS Jammies". Christmas jammies Holderness family went viral on Youtube gaining 15 million views in just one week. They go to Methodist churches and cafeteria-style every Sunday and make some great stuff there, even as both kids appear very briefly in the video. Penn was born in Durham, North Carolina, his date of birth is October 13, 1974. Penn's father was a Presbyterian and his mother was a teacher. His brother was known as an accountant and DJ. Penn completed his schooling at Charles E Jordan High School in Durham. He was a basketball player and a choral music student in his school life. He completed his graduation from the University of Virginia with a degree in Philosophy.

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Holderness Family Biography:

They are famous to their fans for amazing videos which have got billions of views. They became famous when their Christmas video went viral in the year 2013 and by the same time they also produced parodies and original songs. Kim Holderness also made skits on his family and life so that makes laugh to his audience. The Holderness Family is also known as an American musical artist.


Holderness Family's Net worth in 2022

As per the expertise prediction of Spot.com, the estimated net worth of the Holderness Family is around $259.23 thousand but the exact Net worth of the Holderness Family is not known.

However, people think that the net worth of the Holdings family may actually be much higher, due to additional sources of income, it may be worth closer to $362.92 thousand.

Each month, The Holderness Family's YouTube channel garners around 36,000 views per day and 1.08 million views in a single month.

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Holderness Family’s Income

As of 2021, the Holderness family has a monthly income of approximately $8K and an annual income of approximately $96K. The Holderness Family channel gained a minimum of around 1.08 million views. The Holderness Family’s per month YouTube earning is estimated at $4.32k, which is making the value of $64.81k per year. Further, as per the news source, we came to know that the family earns income from other sources. Products, sponsorships, or affiliate commissions earn them additional income. Holderness family has two channels on YouTube, one is the main channel and the other one is their vlog channel. With sponsored content, they earn advertising revenue for views and they also have an Instagram account, where they occasionally post sponsored posts. On their Tiktok post,  gives money to creators for ad revenue.


Penn’s Wife

Penn's wife, Kim Dean, was born in Florida. At one time she was a member of the Dazzler dance team. In the year of 1998, she obtained her degree in Telecommunications, she even worked as a television reporter in Florida. Penn and Kim met in Orlando, Florida, in early 2000 when they were working for a local news channel. They were both working for local TV stations in Orlando and started hanging out casually after work, eventually falling in love with each other. They got married in 2005, after marriage, the couple moved to New York City. They have two children. Kim worked for Inside Edition and Penn Holderness worked for ESPN. They were both successful in their chosen career paths, but New York was ultimately not a good fit for the family. The city was too expensive. They were really scared about raising children there, especially with the competition for spots in good schools. So they moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, to be closer to Penn’s family and have remained there since. The two even tried their careers in journalism, working for a video production company named Greenroom Communications. Finally, in 2013 they formed their own company which is "Holderness Family Production".

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Career and Achievements:

Kim Holderness was a television legend. After completing his university, he worked as an on-air journalist in Grand Junction, Colorado. He then moved to Orlando and lived there for five years. Shortly thereafter he served as a host on the Designer Finals in three seasons from 2003 to 2005, which was broadcast on HGTV. He also hosted a college basketball match with former basketball coach Matt Doherty. He briefly moved to New York where he worked as an evening news anchor at WNCN-TV. Holderness Family has seen to appear on many TV programs like the American TV program - The Today Show. The Today Show came on the list of longest-running United States television shows. And various others which include;  daily morning talk program; Good Morning America, Fox and Friends. The Holderness Family also premiered their podcast "Holderness Family Podcast. On March 30. 2021.

Holderness Family Net Worth

Contact Information of Holderness Family:

Here it is not possible to get any of Holderness Family members' Personal Numbers or Email to contact them because they do keep it private for security reasons. But on this page, you will find some of The Holderness Family's official social media handles by which you can contact them. Let's check Holderness Family's social media accounts to get in touch with them - 

Must Check - FAQs

1. Where do Kim and Penn Holderness live?

Penn and Kim Holderness family live in Raleigh, North Carolina. Holderness family consisted of 4 persons and a dog too, Penn and Kim Holderness, their daughter Lola, and son Penn Charles and a dog.

2. How long have Penn and Kim Holderness been married?

Penn and Kim have been married for 16 years; they still feel comfortable with each other in this long married life. In an interview they said that-‘Like he sees me in 20-year-old sweatpants and still thinks I'm hot’.

3. Where did Kim Holderness grow up?

Kim Holderness was born in Florida and it is said that she was also raised over there. She went to the University of Florida. She was a member of the Dazzlers dance team that performs at athletic events over there.

4. Where did Penn Holderness go to college?

Penn completed his graduation from University of Virginia college and majored in philosophy, but took a crack at journalism after graduation as an intern for the WTVD ABC11 sports department. Penn's first on-air job in was in Grand Junction, Colorado which was continued for five years in Orlando

5. How old is Kim from the Holderness family?

The latest parody of Holderness Family is about marriage and parenting after age 40, Kim said that it is a bit premature, as she's still 39 which is few more months.

6. How did the Holderness family meet?

As per Penn’s word- They met in 2002 or 2003, somewhere around there in Orlando. “Kim was a news reporter and I was a sports reporter for a different TV station in Orlando.”