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This article will tell you how you can activate on your TV. Moreover, We will tell you many things like how you can create a premium account and activate Hotstar on Amazon Fire Stick by using Id/activate. So stay with us till the end of this article so that you get all the information in detail and you can easily activate Hotstar and use it without worry.


How do I create a Hotstar premium account?


Steps to log in from TV to your Hotstar account on Smart TV, Fire TV


How to Activate Hotstar on TV Amazon Firestick?


Hotstar VIP


Disney+Hotstar Premium subscription


Features of Hotstar premium subscription


Hotstar is not working on Smart TV. Here's how to fix the problem


Close the application and reopen it (Hotstar activate)


Install the application (


How can I become a Disney+ Hotstar premium member?


How do I activate the Hotstar on my TV? ( smart tv)

How to Install Disney+ Hotstar on Your Smart TV


Where do I enter my four-digit code on Hotstar? (Hotstar. Com/id/activate)


How do you enter Hotstar without OTP?

Step 1: Open the Disney+ Hotstar application on your smartphone first.

Step 2: Next, open the upper left corner of the Hamburger Menu application and select Login.

Step 3: Next, enter your phone number or select Have a Facebook/ Email account, enter your email address and password, or LoginLogin with Facebook, depending on the login form that you like. That's all!


How to activate VIP on Hotstar?


How to activate Hotstar on my smart television?


What is Hotstar?

Hotstar is an online video & live streaming platform owned by Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited, a subsidiary that Star India Private Limited fully owns. Video streaming technology is highly developed with great attention to the quality of experience on all devices and platforms, making Disney+ Hotstar the complete video destination for consumers video over the top (OTT). Disney+ Hotstar offers over 150,000 hours of TV and film content in 9 languages, and every main sport is covered directly.

In Disney+hotstar, you will get knowledge-based content from many movies to TV shows. Here you will get to watch all types of content in 9 languages; whether it is a movie, a live sports, or a TV show, you will get everything here. Hotstar offers you a lot of movies and shows from India to outside the country, everything you get to watch live sports too.

Hotstar Premium gives you access to all kinds of content in the application. You can also watch your favourite shows. You can watch Hotstar TV after taking a premium subscription. After signing up, it will be easy for you to log in to your Hotstar account.



This article has told you how you can activate Hottest on your TV. And so we told you how you could get premium or VIP plans from Disney + Hotstar. We have given you all the information related to Hotstar in this article, and we hope that all your points will be cleared and you must have understood everything correctly from this article. We hope that you liked this article of ours.

Must Check - FAQs

1. Can I watch Disney Hostar on television? ( ID / Activation code)

Disney + Hotstar is now available on all your favorite devices, including your phone, laptop, tablet, and Android TV or Apple TV. Now you can watch the shows you want from Disney Hotstar on your TV too.

2. What is the code to activate Hotstar?

Visit for more information. Connect with your JIO phone number and OTP. Enter the unique promotional code provided. Your subscription will be activated after confirmation

3. Why doesn't Hostar work on television? (Hotstar TV Activate)

Many customers have reported that Hostar does not work with smart televisions. This problem can be caused by the absence of an application properly updated or a slow internet connection. Check that the application is updated on the TV and that the Internet works properly to solve this problem.

4. Does Hotstar work on Smart TV? (Hostar TV activation)

Hotstar is accessible on almost all the main platforms. Hotstar can be downloaded for mobile devices and tablets via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. One of the best benefits of Hotstar is watching it on your smart tv.

5. How can I connect to Hotstar without OTP on the mobile?

Previously, everything you had to do to connect to Disney + Hostar using your email or Facebook was to enter the email or the ID and password of your Disney + Hostar account.

6. Can I watch Hotstar on TV with a 499 plan?

A one-year subscription to Disney + Hotstar Mobile costs RS 499. The subscription plan is a mobile plan that allows only one mobile or a laptop to diffuse at the same time. Users will have access to all content on Disney + Hotstar, but this subscription will include advertisements.

7. How to connect my Hotstar phone to my TV?

Method 1: Use an Amazon FireStick to run the Hotstar application directly on your TV. Way 2: Use an HDMI connection to connect your laptop and launch Hostar from the laptop to the TV. Method 3: Cast / Mirror Hostar from your phone to your TV using the Google Chromecast device.

8. How to get Hotstar on my Samsung Smart TV?

Select the search bar on the Samsung store and, using the virtual keyboard on the screen, type Disney Plus Hotstar then press the OK button on your remote control. Step 4: Once you have discovered the application, use your remote control to choose the installation option next to Disney + Hotstar and press OK.

9. How can I connect to my messaging ID and my Hotstar password?

Step 1: To start, use the Disney + Hotstar app on your smartphone. Step 2: Then, access the upper left corner of the application menu and select Connection. Step 3: Then enter your phone number or choose a Facebook / Email account. Enter your email address and password. Log in with Facebook, depending on your favorite connection form. That's it!

10. Can Hotstar be cast on television? ( Id / Activate and Enter)

Disney + Hostar online streaming does not allow a screen, depending on the conditions and regulations. Users can watch Hotstar on their televisions via Chromecast, Miracast, and other casting applications compatible with devices. However, it would be best if you were linked to the same WiFi network.

11. How can I connect to Hotstar devices? (

Users can visit Gets Manage from the account area, which displays a list of connected devices with current sessions. After validating the punctual password, users can connect to the platform from any device that had been previously signed.

12. Can I watch Hotstar on TV? ( /active)

To enter your Hotstar account from your TV, follow these steps: Start turning on your television. Step 2: Open the 'Disney+ Hotstar' program on your smart TV. Step 3: Next, open 'my account' or try to play paid material from the application.