How to add emojis in Microsoft Outlook | emoji keyboard shortcuts

How to add emojis in Microsoft Outlook - What would be our digital life be like without these emojis? Boring, that is what These small icons are inserted into digital messages to convey the feeling. They became the bridge between smiley faces and animals to things and road signs. Like different email consumers, Microsoft Outlook permits you to insert emojis into the body of an email.

If you are creating the emojis and need to feature many emojis to put, however, you're feeling in your message, here's a way to insert them in your Microsoft Outlook emails on desktop and mobile. We have added the complete guide on How to add emojis in Microsoft Outlook, outlook emoji, outlook emoji shortcuts, thumbs up emoji on outlook, emoji in outlook, emoji keyboard shortcuts!

Originally, emojis were merely depicted by ASCII characters that are why they'll be employed in all message formats – and so additionally in e-mails. The characteristic of the emoticon style of emoji is that they're created from punctuation marks: A happy emoticon results from the mixture :-), whereas a tragic facial feature is depicted by the mixture, the Microsoft  Outlook will automatically replace a number of these smileys with matching pictograms after you write, turning them into emojis.


How to Insert Emojis in Microsoft Outlook

How to add emojis in Microsoft Outlook | emoji keyboard shortcuts


In this section, it is mentioned clearly how to insert emojis in Microsoft Outlook.

Option 1: If you're much familiar with the emojis, then you'll be able to merely type one of the known characters, and Microsoft Outlook can replace it with a contemporary, colorful emoticon image. The Microsoft software merely uses the “AutoCorrect” perform for this purpose, during which corresponding replacement mechanisms are outlined. If you add the characters in your message, then the smiling emojis will automatically appear in Microsoft Outlook.


Option 2: If you're less familiar with emojis and so do not know the same old character combos, you'll embody the smileys obtainable in Microsoft Outlook as symbols in your e-mails. To add emojis in Microsoft Outlook, first, go to the “Insert” tab and select the “Symbol” option that is in the menu bar. Then click on the Symbol option and then click the More Symbols to open the menu. After that select Segoe UI and select the required font and change to the set Extended Characters Code space 1 to go on to the various emojis symbols that the font offers. If you go down, you'll see a listing of the available emojis that are displayed in black and white at this time. However, as presently as you add one in every of these Microsoft Outlook emojis to your message, it'll be converted into the colored version. To do this, choose the required emojis and press "Insert."


Option 3: You can additionally mix the chances of the AutoCorrect feature mentioned in option 1 one and also the imaging technique introduced in option 2 to add smileys in your Outlook emails via shortcode. You'll replace predefined shortcodes together with your own or produce a new one. First, open the "Symbol" menu as represented within the previous directions and choose the Outlook smiley that you simply wish to form a keyboard shortcut for. Then click on the "AutoCorrect" option and type the shortcode within the "Replace" option. Save the required abbreviation by clicking "Replace" and so "OK."


How to add Emojis in Microsoft Outlook by Keyboard shortcut

If you are looking for a Microsoft Outlook Emojis keyboard shortcut then the below steps will help you. First, open the file in which you would like to insert the emojis. This works in each Microsoft Outlook and different programs like Word. Then press the keys "Windows" and "." This opens the emojis keyboard. Here, you'll search for smileys and different stuff. Look for the wished emojis either within the completely different classes or search the name of the emoticon within the bar. As an example, if you'll write funny, this can show you all emojis that are associated with this term.



In recent years Microsoft Outlook has been updated to fully support the colorful emojis and freshly standardized emojis that are added via updates to Windows.

Inserting them into your emails might not be too obvious however isn’t onerous to try to in the slightest degree and you'll add shortcuts for those you utilize the foremost.

Must Check - FAQs

1. Why emojis are used in Microsoft outlook?

These small icons are inserted into digital messages to convey feelings. They run the gamut between emoticon faces and animals to things and road signs. Like alternative email purchasers, Microsoft Outlook permits you to insert emojis into the body of an email.

2. What is the Keyboard shortcut to open emojis in Microsoft Outlook?

Press Windows + ; (semi-colon) or Windows + . (period) to open your emojis keyboard.