How to change the app icons on your smartphones?

How to change the app icons on your smartphones?

Are you looking for How to change the app icons on your smartphones - Every app has its icon as per its product, its name, it's working, or many things that will be taken care of while giving an icon to any app. But it is a human tendency that we need to do things in a personalized form, that gives us more relief and a better look. So many of us want to change the app icon or want to make the icon a more atheistic look.


How to change the app icons on your smartphones | Android Phones | customize app icons

How to change the app icons on your smartphones?

And our personalized icon also gives us some personality motivation. So from this article, you got to know how you can change your app icon on your Android.



This does not give you the perfect way to change the app icon, but surely some icons changed like the camera, calendar, radio, phone, browser, calculator, clock, and many others. We can say the icon of those apps changed that automatically comes with the smartphone only. You can go to the theme store on your phone, and download whatever theme you love or you can change it every month or every time you want something new.



As I said in the first tip while changing the theme you only gonna change the icons of those apps which come with your smartphone but if you need to change them or customize the app icon as per your need.

So here is the solution too for this;

Go to Pinterest, Google, or your gallery too for downloading or choosing the particular photo for the icon. Remember it should be suitable for the app that you choose. And after choosing the picture and app. Hold the app so you get the option of editing or app information or more information, go to that. There is an icon and their name written on the app, click on the icon, go to the change button and choose your required picture. And then click okay.

This will change your icon image easily.



There is one more way, it does not change your app icon's face but it can make it different by changing the design from block to circle, circle to clouds, and many others too. This can also be changed through the theme store, but if not, you can also download some apps from the play store. This will make it a difference and look beautiful too as your wallpaper and with your phone preference.



This tip is similar to tip number 3, because here too you need to download the app. There are so many app icons available on the android play store. You can download and choose your icon as per your need or convenience. And then install the custom launcher, and launch any pack that you love. And then change the app icons.



It's lovely to change your app icon but always restore your default app icon. Because the icons are made for use of that worldwide. Sometimes your chosen icon must be confusing to others and you too. So it is important to restore every app icon that you changed.  Make your app icon like before only, when you sell them or make it to the Android store for some reason. So it will be more clear for everyone.



If you want settings Under your Apple’s iOS, you can change the icons of your apps to create a customized home screen on your iPhone and iPad. Apple always allows you to create Shortcuts or Bookmarks you can customize for free. Now with the new iOS14, you can create individualized home screens with customized app icons and widgets.



Here are all the needs that you want or help you to change the app icons. Hope you get the required information. Use these tips and change your icons so they will help you to give more personalized things on your phone.

Must Check - FAQs

1. How do I change that my android app icons look bigger?

Hold the app that you need to change or icon layout and then go to the icon size and change it as per your need. But if you need to change the size of every app, try to zoom in or zoom out. If this is not gonna go to the setting, the app setting or app changes and changes the size of apps.

2. How to change the icons that are on the home page?

As I mentioned above, select the image from the internet and decide the app icon you wanted to change. Hold the app and take it to the home page, hold it again and click on the edit button and change it as per your need.

3. How do I make my icons round?

Go to the setting, click on the app setting or app changes button. Then go to the change icon shape, click on it and change it to the round shape.