How to Delete Instagram Account | Delete permanently instagram account link!

How to delete Instagram Account permanently - Instagram, the most common and famous social network, where people get engaged with images, reels, stores, Igtv, messaging and sharing some common stuff. For the past few years, Instagram gained popularity more and more, people get engaged with this more often than another app.

They are growing their popularity through this, starting a small business or growing their business, chats with known or unknown, and other minor things too that we can simply do with that. But sometimes, it becomes too hectic or you can sometimes become addicted to this. We need to get rid of this app because every technology is a waste of time if it is not used properly by us.

If Instagram is a non-useful app for you and wanted to delete your Instagram account permanently, here is the step-by-step process to do this.

But before going through this process, I want to express that if you wanted some break from your Instagram account and wanted to use it after some time then there is no need to delete the account permanently.

How to delete Instagram Account permanently

How to Delete Instagram Account | Delete permanently instagram account link!


You can also temporarily delete your account in these ways;


This is the simplest and significant way to take a break from Instagram, this will not delete your account but eventually, your account will be logged out. If you want to check your account again, then you have to go and again put the username and correct password so that you get access to your account again.

Simply go to the setting, and click on the logout button, and log out from the account.

This will not gonna change anything in your account, you can get access to it easily whenever you want.



If you don't want to log out, because somehow it is distracting too. Your power of logging is still in your hand, so you want something else to do but don't want to delete your Instagram account permanently too. So here is the option too, you go to the Instagram website and click on the delete your Instagram account and after that, there are two options, permanently delete your account or temporary.

Click on the temporary, fill in the necessary information, and click okay. And your Instagram account is temporarily disabled.

But this is not your solution if you want to delete your account permanently and never wanted to use Instagram from that id. Remember if you want to use Instagram again, download the app and make a new account.



First, the account that you wanted to delete must be a login situation, and if not go to the app login with username and password. And go to the Instagram website to delete an Instagram account.

Then there was a question, why you want to delete your Instagram account permanently, and some options appear, click on one of the options and then re-enter your password(it should be correct), and then click on the button to delete your Instagram account permanently.


The accounts delete.

The account was unable to see by others but Instagram take some time to clear all data from their system. But it can't be seen by any other and you too.



So here is all the mandatory and relevant information related to how to delete your Instagram account permanently. Hope to now get everything, simply go to the delete your Instagram website and simply delete it.

And if you want you can also temporarily delete your account and use it after when you think you need it. But if you permanently deleted your account, and wanted to use Instagram then you needed to make a new account and start from scratch. Everything will be zero in the beginning and it will not connect to your previous account anyway.

Must Check - FAQs

1. How can I delete my second Instagram account without interrupting the first one?

If you have two or more than two and you want to delete any one of them. So first, you can simply log out from one account, check if it merges and if one account is logged out another get to. So make this system remove and then log out. Or secondly, simply that I explained above, go to the delete my account page and enter username and password and fill in necessary other things. It will permanently delete your account only that account whose username and password you will put.

2. How to delete Instagram messages altogether?

Sorry but Instagram doesn't provide this system of deleting the messages all at once. So you have to delete the required messages one by one