How to fix an Iphone that won't charge (2022 Updated)

How to fix an Iphone that won't charge (2022 Updated)

How to fix an iphone that won't charge when plugged in? - Today we will concentrate on the article related to my iPhone won't charge, why won't my iPhone charge or iPhone not charging when plugged in. The phone is nothing if it is not charged.! But this is a more problematic situation than even if you got to know that your iPhone won't charge. For a chance, you can change your charger but how can you change your phone so easily. Don't panic. I know it's a serious situation, but if there is a problem there is a solution too. But before going to the solution you must test whether the problem is with the phone or charger.

Try to charge your phone with another charger, cable, power charger and see what happens, if your phone gets charged then the fault is with the charger. And do this too, try to plug your charger into different switches. Sometimes the switches are also faulty. Don't get fooled like your phone and charger both are okay, there is just a mistake with the switchboard.

How to fix an iPhone that won't charge

So simply don't take stress, and calmly check all these situations. If everything is fine then the problem is that your iPhone won't charge.



How to fix an Iphone that won't charge (2022 Updated)

The majority of the time, the charging issue arises due to software problems such as full storage and slowing it down sometimes. This might cause the phone to hang, which stops charging altogether. So, to prevent such a problem, try to turn off the phone and then charge it via the USB cable for nearly an hour straight. After this, try turning on the phone and seeing if it got changed.

I know this is the basic solution but it helps many, sometimes there is too much data in your phone that makes your system run or load in a phone that keeps your network, the phone gets more hanged and sometimes it won't get charged too. For instance, turn it off, then keep it in the charging point and see after one or two hours whether your phone gets charged or not.

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As I said earlier there is also some sort of problem with your charger and not with your phone. If you are using a wireless charger then there might be a problem. Wireless chargers are used in iPhone 10 or after that, so if you have these models and you are using a modern version so keep back to the traditional one of charge. But firstly check your phone by charging through a wired charger, if it works smoothly then you win. Please there is no problem with using wireless chargers but it is seen most wireless chargers do not get easily connected to phones which then creates a problem. If it charges smoothly with Your wireless then also keep the backup for future problems


3. Try to charge by using a USB cable.

If you are using the latest iPhone 10 or above, you might know that these modes all support wireless or contactless charging capability. If in case when you are trying to charge the iPhone via wireless means and it is not charging, then try charging it via the provided USB cable. The wireless receiver can sometimes get overloaded and stop working, so see if the phone gets directly charged via the cable. If it gets charged, then it means that the wireless receiver is malfunctioning.



Dust particles are small to see but make your charging port fill and keep it difficult to charge. This is the basic rule of electronic stuff if something is not charged or on. So start with cleaning their main points. The charging port helps you to connect the charger and the phone so it's important to figure out that and clean it.

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Close your iPhone and then charge it is a solution but here is a simpler form too. Most of the problems in a phone wipe off when this action is done, which is the flight mode action. Keep your phone in flight mode for 10 seconds and then try to charge it. Many one's find the hardest problem solution of their phone by this solution.



If nothing works out, and you finally realize that your iPhone won't charge and by using this above solution too you don't get any results. Then this is the best and most convenient method, go to the apple store and appoint a person for your phone.

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7. Clean the charging port

The most simple way to make sure the phone is charging is to clear the dust accumulated in the charging port by simply blowing it out or removing it with the help of a brush. If there is dust accumulated inside, the dust will interrupt the charge from flowing. So, make sure there is no dust. It solves the problem in the majority of the cases.



So here are your solutions, first, figure out where the problem is. In your charger, cable, switch, or actually in your phone. Once you figure out that, keep in mind to try to charge them by using the above solutions first and then go to the apple store. Because many times it happens when your iPhone won't get a charge, people get panic easily and run towards the store and then find that there is no big deal with the phone.

Must Check - FAQs

1. Why my phone is not charging?

It might have some problem with the pin, or the adapter is malfunctioning.

2. How to check if your USB cable is working fine?

To check this, try to charge another phone via the same cable, and if it gets charged, it means the cable is fine.

3. How to clear the charging port?

Brush the dust off or blow into the port to remove any dust particle attached to the port.

4. My adapter and cable are working fine, but still, my iPhone is not charging; what to do?

Check if your phone is working correctly and also try to change the phone via another socket.

5. Everything is working fine, but still, my phone is not charging?

In that case, please visit an Apple store and also try to manage the storage if it has become full.