How to number pages in word starting on page 3 | page numbering on page 3 in MS Word

How to number pages in word starting on page 3 | page numbering on page 3 in MS Word

How to start numbering the page in ms word from page 3? How to insert page numbers in a word? How can we number in ms word? If you are confused because of these simple questions, then don't worry, in this article you got all your solutions. So you wanted to start the page numbering of your article or any other document from Page 3 because the starting pages are generally a title or other non-descriptive text, which doesn't require the numbering.

But as the text started or anything important, you needed to write page numbering from page 3 on ms word. So how can you do this? It is very simple and takes 2 minutes. So let's start.

How to start numbering the page in ms word from page 3

How to number pages in word starting on page 3 | page numbering on page 3 in MS Word



Sections help you identify where you need to require numbering or where not. It will give you the perfect way to number the page from page 3. So how you do this, you need to break your page after the text ends on the second page Move the cursor there, and then go to the layout option, choose a break and then the section break option.

After choosing the section break, you need to click on the next page. So the text after that line you chose, came over on the next page. And from that line, your 3rd-page starts. So now you are easily accessible to numbering in your ms word.

But before providing a number, you have to go to the third page, and then click on the design tab on the menu, and then go to "link to previous" and deactivate that. So it will get no connection with the first two pages. And you easily numbered your page 3.



Now after deactivating the pages and separating them, the main question arises: how to insert numbers on them? Now move the cursor to the end of page 3, and click on the insert button and then "page number", the option you get inside the insert button.

But as you click on the page number, the ms word doing its default work, and write number 3 on page 3 and then 4 on page 4. But as we need that the numbering starts from one on page 3 and onwards.


So follow these steps;

Go to format page number:

  1. In a page number option, there is a format page numbering option. Click on that, and go to the start at, and there is number 3 written on
  2. Change the number 1 or any other if you require. To make your document proper with numbering.


If you wanted to start your page numbering from page 2, page 4, or any other page. You can follow these same steps as instructed above.

It will properly maintain your document, to count it easily. In some documents, the numbering is classified into sections. Like 1.10, 2.1, 3.1. And many like this from section to section. So it will help to know how many we have and how many pages we have inside each section.



By following the above format, you will easily get the number on your ms word from page 3, it will merely take 1 or 2 minutes. So I hope that the above will be clear to you and now you can easily change the numbering as you want.

Must Check - FAQs

1. How do I fix the page number in words?

To fix the number on your ms word from the title page only, or before tables of context. So you put the censors on the title page, go to the Insert tab, and select on the footer and then click on the edit footer. And you will have the numbers on the foot side of the page, and select them and then delete them. So it did not come from the next page.

2. How to make all the page number one?

If you wanted to need all the pages in one member. So you simply follow step 2 as I mentioned above. Go to the page number and format page number and click you wanted, in every page, you can choose 1 or 2 as per your requirement.

3. How to link page numbers in ms word?

In the same format, go to the insert button, click on the page number, and go to the header and footer section. And then you get many options of how you want to make your page number to show, choose as per your need and click on it. You can change it, by following the same format.