Samsung Smart TV Keeps Restarting Itself  (2022 Updated) or  turning on and off !

Samsung Smart TV Keeps Restarting Itself (2022 Updated) or turning on and off !

How To Troubleshoot Samsung TV That Keeps Turning On and Off? - We are here to solve your issue regarding Samsung TV. Some common problems you may be facing are Samsung smart TV that keeps restarting itself or Samsung TV that keeps rebooting or Samsung TV that keeps turning on and off. We made a step guide on the above problems. Read the complete article below!


How to troubleshoot Samsung TV that keeps turning On and Off

Samsung Smart TV keeps restarting or keeps rebooting or turning on and off while streaming due to several factors. 

  1. The malfunctioned or defective motherboard of the Samsung TV. 

  2. The capacitor becomes overheated or excessively arc due to excessive-high voltage or high current stressing, which generates gases that cause the capacitor to bulge.

  3. When your Samsung TV is trying to update its software.

  4. When your Samsung TV is not able to start or create an internet connection while trying to update its software.

  5. If there is a short on the power supply board, your Samsung TV  will be restarted while streaming. 

Here are some of the steps that will help you to troubleshoot your Samsung TV that keeps restarting. 


Update the software of your Samsung TV 

Samsung Smart TV Keeps Restarting Itself  (2022 Updated) or  turning on and off !

The Samsung Smart TV receives updates at regular intervals of time to fix bugs or add new features and applications that will smoothen the functioning of your Samsung TV. It also solves many issues, including the frequent restarting of your Samsung TV while Streaming or Playing. You can update the software automatically, or you can update the software via the internet. 

For automatic updates, you have to

Select Home button > Select Settings > Select support > Select Software Update > Highlight the Auto Update > Select Option ON. 

For updates via Network, you have to 

Select home button > Select Settings > Select Support > Select Software Update > Select Update Now. 

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2. Power cycling of your Samsung TV 

Power Cycling means the process of turning hardware off and then turning it on again. When you use your Samsung TV more frequently, and excessively it goes into an unresponsive state for which you have to do power cycling of your Samsung TV that helps to reinitialize a set of configuration parameters.

The power cycle of your Samsung TV will help to reset it and start anew if the frequent restart is due to network activity. To power cycle, your Samsung TV

      (i)    From the wall outlet, you have to unplug the TV

     (ii)    Then you have to wait for at least 60 seconds.

    (iii) Now the cables should be plugged back in. 


3.  Factory reset of the settings in Samsung TV 

Sometimes the original setting gets changed due to updates or by mistake of the users. When you do a factory reset which will restore your TV to default settings, it will help you to get rid of all your files and other data which was causing the Samsung TV boot loop. Procedure to do a factory reset on your Samsung TV. 

Select Home button > Select Settings > Select General> Select Reset> Enter the PIN or the default one as 0000 > Select Reset >Select OK to Complete the Reset. 


Depending on your model 

Select Home button > Select Settings > Select Support > Select Self Diagnosis > Select Reset. 

After this process, your Samsung Smart TV will restart automatically.

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4. Checking the power cables 

If the power cables are loose, then the problem of frequent restart may happen. It can be corrected by connecting all power cables by fitting them tightly.

Sometimes dirt like spider webs gets in the connections of cable cords. Clean the cable cord after Disconnection and reconnect the cable cords to try and fix the problem.


5. Check the Capacitors 

A defective Capacitor can make your Smart TV restart frequently because it cannot store the electrical energy in an electric field. You can find out if your capacitor is defective in the following ways. 

  1. If you turn on the TV, the power supply will click. 

  2. If the top of the capacitor is bulging and not flat.

If you notice any or both of the above then you have to replace the Capacitors with High voltages ones as the capacitor of that voltage is weak as related to your Samsung TV and also the power supply board with a new one because your earlier capacitor may become bulge due to oversupply from the power supply board.

Since it is related to the hardware of your Samsung Smart TV, you need an expert or skilled individual to fix this issue such as My Samsung TV Keeps Turning OFF every 5 Seconds.

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6. Check the Motherboard 

Sometimes defective motherboards may lead to frequent restarts of your Samsung Smart TV. when one or more microchips on the motherboard have stopped working, causing your Samsung Smart TV to power on and off frequently. This problem can be corrected in two ways, i.e. either you have to repair or you have to replace the board. 

To repair the microchips of a motherboard you need a skilled individual or an expert, and it is cheap as compared to a replacement but if you want a long-term solution you have to replace the motherboard, and it is very costly.

If your Samsung smart TV warranty is intact and has not crossed the warranty periods, contact Samsung Customer support to help you to replace it and ensure an effective Samsung TV Power cycling fix


7. Check the internet connection 

If you have selected your Samsung Smart TV  to check for updates automatically, you need to ensure you have a stable internet connection but if there is a network issue or problem while automatically updating, you can see frequent restarts of your TV. For troubleshooting the issue say Samsung Smart TV Keeps Turning ON and OFF repeatedly, you can apply different ways

  1. Restart your Samsung TV after unplugging the Ethernet cable. If there is no internet connection, your Samsung TV will not be able to check for updates try switching On and Off Wi-Fi and retry. 

  2. If your Samsung TV is configured to connect through Wi-Fi and you have changed it to Ethernet, switch back to the wireless network. When you disconnect Wi-Fi and connect Ethernet, your TV defaults back to the wireless and logs into the router. It leads to a network communication error and ultimately your TV will start frequently.

You may try to reconnect to the internet and try again in another way 

  1. Click/select the home button on the keys of your Samsung TV remote 

  2. Select Settings 

  3. Select Network or General.

  4. If you Select Network, go to open network settings.

  5. Choose between a wireless or wired connection, like  Wi-Fi or Ethernet.


8. Reset Smart Hub

Sometimes updates to the Samsung Smart TV Hub can cause problems with the frequent restarting or rebooting of your device. In this case, we can have to reset the Smart Hub by following the procedure-

Go to/ Select Smart Hub > Select Reset Smart Hub > Enter your PIN or Use the Default one as 0000 > Select Reset > Select OK to complete the Reset.



hence the way or steps we have described in the above paragraph one can easily resolve the error Samsung TV keeps rebooting! For more solutions keep checking this page every week!


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Must Check - FAQs

1. How To troubleshoot a Samsung smart TV that keeps restarting?

One can easily fix this issue by updating the software of Samsung Smart TV.

2. How To troubleshoot a Samsung smart TV Keep Turning ON or OFF

If you want to fix the issue of Samsung smart TV Keep Turning ON or OFF then you can try doing the factory reset of Samsung Smart TV.