iPad won’t turn on (Solved 2022 Update) stuck on apple logo?

iPad won’t turn on (Solved 2022 Update) stuck on apple logo?

iPad won’t turn on | stuck on apple logo? - Are you suffering from various Issues while Restarting your iPad like iPad apple logo stuck, iPad stuck at apple logo, iPad stuck on apple logo, why is my iPad stuck on the Apple logo? Then we gonna guide the issues and solutions for the above problems. If your iPad is stuck on the logo then it will be obviously not possible to run any program on the device. If we face such a situation while doing our job it feels frustrating, we don't want to face such a pathetic situation.


Suppose your iPad is glitching and lagging, so as always you tried to restart it but this time something unexpected happens. Your iPad is stuck with the apple logo on it with nothing else. But you don’t have to worry, you have visited the right place to fix your iPad. Read on, to find out more about the fixes and how you can prevent iPad apple logo stuck issues in the future and carry on your Instagram scrolling or recording videos on TikTok.


Why is my screen stuck with the apple logo on?

iPad won’t turn on (Solved 2022 Update) stuck on apple logo?

There can be many reasons behind your iPad being stuck on the apple logo. Here are some of the major reasons behind this incident.


Physical damage to the iPad.

It is a very common problem, as many of you know, sometimes we are just not very careful enough around our iPads. But, this is a very serious problem as it hampers the ability of the phone to reboot correctly due to internal damage.

So, if you are certain that the problem happened after you accidentally dropped your phone, then go to the nearest store immediately to fix the iPad or you can check up to the iPad repair service page for more info.


Liquid Damage

We have all been there as a child, going to take a big dip into the swimming pool or bathtub and suddenly realizing that our phone’s in our pocket.

If you are in this situation then you must visit the iSmash guide to resolve any liquid damage issues as even a small droplet inside the system can cause damage on a large scale by causing short-circuit and even your phone can catch fire.


Software issue

Many times there is a problem that causes the annoying restart screen with an Apple logo on it. As the internal OS might become glitched or entirely broken that can Cause your iPad


Apple logo stuck.

If that’s the problem, then you should read on as we will be discussing ways to fix this tragedy.


What are your options to save your iPad?

Here are some of the ways that can fix your iPad.


Hard Rebooting,

It is one of the most popular and easy methods to do this


For iPad X or older models,


If minor software glitches are the root cause, it should fix the iPad stuck on the Apple logo.

Access the Recovery Mode,

This is another process to solve the issue of the iPad being stuck on the Apple logo, but one thing that must be done is to back up your all data to iTunes or iCloud. This particular process will delete all the files on your iPhone. If hard rebooting doesn’t work out, then the next best thing is to access the recovery mode. How to do this?


For iPad 7+ or older models

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For iPad 8 or X models

The steps are the same, but the button combination is,


This method should fix any serious software-related glitches and remove any broken apps which might be the root cause of the iPad apple logo stuck on the screen.

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DFU Mode (Device Firmware Update)

This is another process to get the work done, which is DFU Mode (iPhone Device Firmware Update). This particular mood will reinstall all the firmware of your device. Just like the recovery mode this too will delete all the files of your device. So, backing up your data will be essential in this case too, But are the differences between recovery mode and DFU mode? is that the DFU Mode method is much more serious and may need some technical know-how about your iOS.


Here, it is recommended to have your iPad data backed up as your current iOS version might be re-installed affecting your personal data.

iPad won’t turn on stuck on apple logo


So, there you go. There are some of the ways to fix your iPad having problems with restarting. You can Hard reboot, access the recovery more as well as use the DFU method to fix any errors with iOS which might fiddle with the rebooting process. To make your device run one must follow all the steps provided above to solve the issue of the iPad won’t turn on | stuck on the apple logo.

Must Check - FAQs

1. Why my iPad is glitching?

Latest iPad displays are highly sensitive to touch or other input. So,to fix this take a microfiber cloth and wipe the dusts and oils off the screen.This is also related to why is the iPad stuck at the apple logo on screen.

2. How can I access iTunes on my computer?

If you are on mac iOS,just go to Apple music app and go to music and preferences and in the general tab , select iTunes store and press ok to save it.

3. What to do if your iPhone or iPad will not turn on?

If your iPhone is not turning on, plug in to charge and wait until it wakes. Iphones, Ipad, Ipod may not restart if the battery is dead completely. If it still doesn't respond, go for a hard reset by holding the Hold Power+Home button.