How to fix iphone 7 won't turn on (2022 Update) iphone 7 screen not turning on

How to fix iphone 7 won't turn on (2022 Update) iphone 7 screen not turning on

iPhone 7 won't turn on or charge? - Today we gonna discuss the reasons behind why iPhone 7 won't charge or How to fix iPhone 7 won't turn on or iPhone 7 screen not turning on Electronics are the greatest invention of human beings but as new technology and a new version of smartphones arise, it brings us trouble while not getting open, sudden battery down, and their new features that are confusing for many. But it is not a thing to worry about because it happens quite often with people and many of them got their solution too.


How to fix iPhone 7 won't turn on or charge 

So what to do when your iPhone 7 is not opened?

There are two reasons why your iPhone 7 screen is not turning on there can be minor issues or there can be a major issue. If there is a major one, you have to go to the Apple store for technical stuff.

So let's see what you can do and see if there is a major or minor issue with not being on your iPhone 7.



How to fix iphone 7 won't turn on (2022 Update) iphone 7 screen not turning on

It often happens with the iPhone that the phone freezes or gets hanged if it is used for a long time. So suddenly after using it, it might get closed or freeze. And sometimes there are chances that your iPhone gets crashed somewhere, so by default it happens. So there is no need to panic, simply hold the power and volume button for a few seconds or a minute. If the logo gets seen after that, your phone simply gets open.

This is the simplest thing that happens with many, the user gets panicked if he/she is a new user of iPhones. This is the must-do and the first thing you can do if your iPhone 7 won't get open.

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Sometimes it happens that your iPhone is not getting open simply because it is not charged. Try to check it by charging the phone for some time and then repeat step 1. After some minutes of charging, hold the power and volume button and be surprised if this is the reason your phone gets open.

But if not, simply there are some mini minor reasons too;



If you lose your battery and you plug it on the charging point and check it after some minute you find your iPhone 7 won't turn on. And you think there is a defect in the phone but actually, there is with the charger.



Sometimes this is also a problem. The cable wire is not simple to get connected to it or it is loose from somewhere so it is not placed easily. So simply check this too. Or it is happening because your cable is broken from somewhere, it is connected but does not get charged.

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Don't think about money but think about the importance of your phone, the data that is stored in it, and the valuable memories that you make and save in it. Sometimes if this happens, all your data would go to the trash. And the user thinks let's buy some android because the features are confusing enough for you. But this is not the way to a solution, go to the apple store or appoint one person by calling their numbers. Ask them why your iPhone 7 screen does not get open, see what he tried to do, and understand the process.

Like I said earlier, it happens that there is no major reason behind it, so see why he is doing it, ask him. It is not like you are wasting your time when he is doing it, it simply means learning something new about technology. For me, it's worth the time.

Or if there is some major issue that causes your iPhone 7 won't open, he is going to do all the technicalities.

So there is simply a win-win situation in this case.



There is no need to say this, but I simply want to. That every user knows what their phone problem is. Like if your iPhone fall somewhere or if anything else happens. Make sure you keep them in mind while checking them on your own or going to the apple store.



I shared all the common minor tips here for the best use of your iPhone. I hope you get the basic but useful information regarding why your iPhone 7 won't turn on or why your screen does not get open. Make sure that you keep updated with the versions of software Or updated apps. It will help you run by using the phone. And except that you got all your answers related to this.

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