Solved - Iphones Is Disabled, Connect To Itunes ERROR IN IPHONE OR IPAD

Solved - Iphones Is Disabled, Connect To Itunes ERROR IN IPHONE OR IPAD

Iphones Is Disabled, Connect To Itunes - Apple provides the most secured devices in the whole tech. Industry. An Apple iPhone or iPad is one of the most reliable and valuable laptops present in the market. It is used by large crowds of people, from basic networking to doing hardware-intensive works. The device is built to enhance production as it can run for a very long time on battery and won't get hot quickly. It is an excellent device for people who want a phone or tablet for their work-related tasks. All Apple devices are multi-task and provide various security options for device protection.


Here, we will discuss one of the most common problems of "iPhone getting disabled."

If your iPhone and iPad show you the statement that your "iPhone is disabled, try it after 1 minute", then it's a serious matter of worry. Because if it can't restart, then it will permanently switch off.


How to fix iPhones Is Disabled, Connect To Itunes in Iphone, Ipad

And gradually if it is not opened after this " iPhone is disabled, connect to Itunes" the situation becomes uneasy because as the timer increases 1 minute, 15 minutes, 60 minutes, and more, and after that, it's automatically switched off permanently.

So in this, I am gonna help you to fix your iPhone and iPad that is disabled due for some reason and you can fix this problem by connecting them through iTunes.



Due to iPhone security reasons, if you fail to enter the correct password after more than nine times, then the phone will be disabled and won't let you open it or access it in any way via the phone itself.iPhone gives you the option to enter the correct password without any problem for the first three tries. If you got the message by mistake showing "iPhone has been disabled," please keep reading as here you will get the solution.

 Solved - Iphones Is Disabled, Connect To Itunes ERROR IN IPHONE OR IPAD


Is it possible to recover a “Disabled iPhone”?

iPhone gives you the option to enter the correct password without any problem for the first three tries. But, if you fail to enter it correctly, it will give a timer that will keep increasing after each failed attempt. After that, it gets disabled.

So, being mindful and figuring out the password is one of the most straightforward ways to solve this problem. But, in case you can't still remember your password after trying every possible combination, then you might want to access it via the Apple Cloud or iTunes.

Disabled means when the iPhone can't recognize your identity, simply because you put wrong passwords again and again, or your face can't be recognizable due to some reasons. Then when the limits cross of attempt, again and again, it shows the statement iPhone is disabled, try after 1 minute.  And if you try the wrong password again, the time limit increases. From 1, 5, 15, 60. And seriously that time irritates me the most.

And then lastly it shows iPhone is disabled, connect through iTunes.

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Yes, it is. Every iPhone user gets 9-10 chances to unlock their phone after continuously getting wrong in each one. You get a screen where it's simply written. Try it after 1 minute. If you get this, be careful while trying next time. Because as you get this time wrong too, the time limit increases, and as I mentioned earlier the time gap annoys you the most.


So be patient and comprehensive while trying this time. Check the lowercase and uppercase. Use numbers or other symbols correctly. Take time to recall the passcode, and if it gets open this time, write down the password somewhere or if possible remove the password. Because as it gets locked, your whole data will be non-recoverable.

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HOW TO FIX "iPhone is disabled, connect it through iTunes"?

Ready with your computer or USB cable. If you don't have one, go to the retail shop to buy or borrow one. Because in case of USB you need to buy a specific one as per your phone or mac.


Like USB-A, USB-C, or any other.



Connect your iPhone with your computer or Mac. And go or enter into recovery mode. The procedure can be different from model to model. Like for iPhone 6 and earlier models, you have to press the side button so the power off slide is gonna show, so you can easily turn it off and then connect it to the computer then press the home button till recovery mode can't be on. And once it gets on you get easy access to open your phone.

In the same way, the iPhone 7 model does the same process till you connect it to the computer, then press the volume button until the recovery mode is on. In the iPhone 8 model and later version you have to connect to iTunes first, you have to switch off the phone in the same way, then connect it to the mac by using the cable then hold the side button so the recovery mode is getting started.


If your iPad shows the " iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes" then also you have switched off the iPad and then connect to Mac with cable, and keep pressing the home button until you get the recovery mode on.


Remember that according to the software on your Mac or computer you have to choose iTunes like iTunes 12, 11 or 10. Whatever is preferable with your software.



As you connect it through a computer or mac book, you have to select the option of restoring the data. It will take some time to do that, but it will help you not lose your data.

If your version is not connected to iTunes, then you can try it with Clouds.

All the processes will help you regain or restore your content.


How to open a disabled iPhone via other methods?

If you can't remember your password even after trying every possible combination, you must use iTunes to unblock the disabled phone.

For doing this, you will need,

If you have met all these requirements, then you are safe to proceed. Nextly, you must go into your iPhone's "Recovery Mode."To enter the recovery mode, you must follow some steps which might be different for different models as in older models; you had to press the power off button to switch it off, connect to the computer, and restart it. For the newer modes, you have first to connect the phone to iTunes; then, you must restart the phone to access it via the computer. Then, the recovery mode will be initiated, and your phone will be unlocked.

This is a very annoying problem that occurs to various users at some point. To avoid this problem altogether, you must write the password down somewhere safe or set a password that you can remember easily.



Try to note down your password somewhere, so this situation can't arise. Because if you don't go through with your process rightly, you may lose all your information. Keep it simple but likely that you remember it and nobody else. Don't be eager in the first 9 chances, and then if you get the timer, try more carefully and be mindful. Keep all the points in mind, so you will use this information as per your need. We hope that you get the valid information from this article.

Must Check - FAQs

1. How to connect to iTunes?

You will need a USB cable to connect the iPhone to the computer that has iTunes installed.

2. What to do if the phone shows a “disabled message”?

You must connect the phone to the computer with iTunes.

3. Are there any methods to use other than iTunes?

Yes, there is. You can also access and try to unlock your phone via Apple Cloud.

4. How to avoid the “disable iPhone problem”?

Try to put an easily rememberable password or try to write it down in some secure place.

5. How to enter the “Recovery Mode”?

You can access the recovery mode via the power off button on the phone.

6. Where can I get iTunes?

If you are a mac user, you will get it pre-installed, but if you are a windows user, you will have to download it via the internet.