10 common iPhone problem and solution |  iphone issues, iphone problems

10 common iPhone problem and solution | iphone issues, iphone problems

Common iPhone problem and solution - Some common search query is iPhone issues, iPhone problems, and problems with apple phones. We are using iPhones to make our life easier but iPhones face trouble when we update the phone, transfer data, or install a new app. There are many reasons for this like bugs in iPhone or any software problem that need to be fixed.

10 common iPhone problems and solutions!


Let's take a look at what the common iPhone problems are.

1. iPhone white screen death

Fail update or hardware problem can cause a white screen death problem. To fix this problem you can restart your iPhone if that does not work then hard reset your iPhone if it also not works then boost your iPhone in DFU mode.

But you have to remember that hard reset and DFU mode will clear all your mobile data and setting. If you are stuck in the same problem and don't have iTunes or iCloud backup. Then first you have to recover your data. For that, you can use Stellar Recovery for iPhone. Now you can fix your iPhone white screen problem.


2. Lost data after update or jailbreak

Many times you face iPhone problems when you update to the new version. You can lose your photos, videos, and message in this process. In this type of situation iCloud and iTunes backup come as solutions. But if you lose your data of pictures and videos then you can try Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone recovery. It is software where you can recover your iPhone data. This is one of the common problems with the iPhone.

10 common iPhone problem and solution |  iphone issues, iphone problems


3. iPhone damage because of water

Sometimes we accidentally drop our iPhones in the water. Water damage iPhone didn't turn on and show a blank screen. There is also the possibility of losing your phone data after dropping your iPhone in the water. Also, the company didn't give a warranty on water damage.

So if you face the same problem with your apple Phone. Then first rub the iPhone with water and then take the sim off the mobile. Now don't turn on the phone and keep it in a silica gel sachet to dry it. In this way, you can get out of this trouble. Or if you lose the phone data then try to recover your data with the above method.


4. iPhone battery life problem 

Battery draining is a common problem with Apple Phones that a lot of people face across the globe. The battery life problem comes with the iOS upgrade. You can face this problem by uninstalling some high-consuming apps like Google Maps, Uber, and youtube.

The second method to improve your battery life is the factory reset. deleting high battery-consuming apps will save your iPhone battery.


5. iPhone black screen

It is one of the most common iPhone issues that a lot of people face. There are a lot of reasons you got your iPhone screen black like dropping your phone, malware, jailbreak, or dropping the phone in water. The first thing when you got the black screen is to charge your phone so that it can be confirmed that there is no battery harm.

If the problem is not fixed then restore your iPhone to factory settings via iTunes. But in this way, you can lose your iPhone data. So for data backup, you can try Stellar Data Recovery.


6. Overheating

Sometimes you receive a message that your phone needs to cool down before you use it. This is an iPhone problem that people usually face. So if your iPhone is hot then first keep that iPhone in a cool environment or Take away your phone from direct sunlight.

Then remove its cover and stop using it for some time. Also for better response switch off the phone. You can also reset the setting to get out of this problem.


7. iPhone camera role crash

You can lose all of your pictures if your camera role crash. After that, you can’t do any activity on your pictures and videos. You can use factory reset to fix this iPhone problem. You can restore your photos, videos, chat messages, and notes by factory resetting.

Also, keep a camera roll backup before fixing this problem.


8. Don't remember the passwords

Sometimes you can forget your iPhone password. And in a result, you try to unlock the phone several times. And your phone gets disabled after so many attempts, so for unlocking your device from disabling first reset the phone.

Now set a new password. Erase the old password by using iTunes backup. You can also recover the phone to get a new password. While processing you can lose your phone data so keep an iTunes backup.


You can face this problem when your iPhone update fails or jailbreak or some hardware problem so to fix this problem you can try restarting your iPhone, hard reset your phone or putting your iPhone in recovery mode.

Also, you may not know that by hard reset you can lose all your phone data. So you can recover your lost data from backup.


10. Application of iPhone freeze

You can face this iPhone issue when you are just using your iPhone app. The reason behind this can be, that the app is not installed properly or your iPhone is not supporting that particular app.

So if your app stops responding then close the app, restart the phone and again open the app if it is working or not. Also sometimes the app faces this issue because of not updating the app. So update the app to work it.

Must Check - FAQs

1. What is the most common problem you can face on iPhone?

Some of the common problems are 1. Your wif is not working 2. Your camera is not working 3. Phone get hang 4. App got freeze

2. How to fix if there is some hardware problem in my iPhone.

Follow these steps, Go to setting Reset the phone, Reset all the setting, Enter the password

3. How much do I have to invest if my iPhone has a hardware problem?

It can take $29 to fix your screen or $99 to fix any iPhone hardware problem.

4. Why is my iPhone not turning on?

Your iPhone is not turning Queiry? There can be various reasons that your phone might not turn on. The most probably reasons that can be is that it has a hardware or a software problem with the phone or it might be a bug in Ios Which will have to get fixed to get to normal functioning.

5. How to fix bluetooth not working with iPhones?

It is another problems with the iPhones that bluetooth is not working. But the problem can be solved easily by going to settings-general and selecting reset all options and settings. This will lead to remove all the saved setting and solving the real issue.