Katt Williams Net Worth - Age, Girlfriend, Height, Bio & wiki

Katt Williams Net Worth - Age, Girlfriend, Height, Bio & wiki

Katt Williams Net Worth - He is a famous comedian, rapper, and actor. He also does singing and voice acting. He plays lots of roles in his career like money mike in the Friday After Next, Bobby Shaw in my wife and kids, and the list goes on. In the year 2008, he gives voice to the video game grand theft auto 4. Must check his complete biography of Katt Williams say his age, Katt Williams Net Worth & Girlfriend!

Katt Williams Net Worth - Age, Girlfriend, Height, Bio & wiki

Name Katt Williams
Profession Famous comedian, rapper, and actor
Birth Place Cincinnati, Ohio
Date of Birth September 2, 1971
Net Worth $1.5 Million
Age 51 Years


Katt Williams Early Life 

Katt Williams was born on September 2, 1971. His birthplace is Cincinnati, Ohio, where he also grows up. He got separated from his parents at the age of 13 and shift to Florida. Where he worked as a street vendor.


Katt Williams Career

As a stand-up comedian 

He starts his career in the year 1999 as a stand-up comedian. He started performing in different clubs from Oklahoma to Oakland. He slowly becomes famous for his comedy in performing clubs such as the comedy club, the ice house, and so on.

He starts his first special show in 2006 titled katt Williams :live: let a playa play. He starts his second special in 2006, the pimp chronicles, part 1.

In December 2012 he announced that he is going to retire from his comedy career.

In 2014 he again return to HBO special and does Katt Williams :priceless: afterlife.


Katt Williams Film Career

He made his debut with NYPD Blue in the year 2002. He gets screen time in the show Wind ’n Out. He also got appeared in the wild ‘n out of the music video. After he does a lot of shows where he plays many good roles. He does a show name, my wife and kids.

He also got some amazing roles in the films like first Sunday and Norbit. But he is more famous for his character on Friday after next.


Katt Williams Music Career

He starts rap of songs from other artists like bobby bash, Suga free, and the game, and he appears on the stage as money mike. After that, in the year 2006, he joined a team of rappers who is very famous in New York called Cameron's. But he never appears in the songs of the label.

He starts his solo career as a musician and releases his debut studio in January 2009, it's Pimpin Pimpin.


Katt Williams Personal Life 

When he was living in the San Francisco bay area he joins the nation of Islam. Also, he believes in Christian, and during the shows, he wears a Cross. He has a biological son. also, he adopted seven children.

His biological son is a famous actor now. His name is Micah Stephen Williams, well known for his Disney series named good luck charlie.


Katt Williams Award 

He got nominated for the teen choice award.

In the year 2018, he won his first award for a comedy series as a guest actor. The series name was Atlanta.


Katt Williams Net worth

Some reports say his estimated net worth is $1.5 million. He does concerts, in his every concert he makes a good amount. Some source says he takes $3,000 for a show/per night.


Let's take look at his filmography

Here are some famous films of his.


Contact Information of Katt Williams:

Contact Info - Because of the securities we were unable to get Katt Williams's personal contact and email id also. But, for you, those who are want to contact him can easily go through Katt Williams's social media handles which can be found through our site. Let's see all his Social Media Handles for reaching him - 



Must Check - FAQs

1. What is net worth of Katt Williams

Net Worth of Katt Williams is esitmated to $1.5 Million

2. How old is Katt Williams?

Katt Williams is 50 years old.