Larson Farms Net Worth in 2022 – Wife, Family, Income, YouTube Earnings

Larson Farms Net Worth in 2022 – Wife, Family, Income, YouTube Earnings

Larson Farms Net Worth in 2022  - Larson Farms is a famous American YouTube channel that has a lot of subscribers. It started almost 11 years ago and today is proud with 330 uploaded videos. As of 2021 estimates, Larson Farms has a net worth of around $700K. Read more to know about Larson Farms Net Worth earnings, income, and salary.

All the videos uploaded by Larson Farms are related to farming as farming is their subject matter. They get a lot of views on YouTube because their videos are entertaining and attract the viewers to engage with the content.

A video titled The Tracks Are on the S790 Combine is the most popular video on his channel with over 1.4 million views.

Larson Farms Net Worth in 2022 – Wife, Family, Income, YouTube Earnings

Larson Farms Net Worth, Age, Marital Status, Bio, Wiki

Larson Farms Net Worth $700k Dollars
Larson Farms real name Larson Farms (Owned by Merlyn who is Chet’s grandpa, Doug, and Randy. Chet is on his way into ownership for the channel)
Real Name Larson
Date Of Birth N/A
Age N/A
Place Of Birth America
Occupation Farm-based American YouTube channel
Nationality American
Marital Status Married
Larson Farms Wife Nicole Larson

Larson Farms Net Worth

Larsen Farms has an estimated net worth of $700k as of 2022. They earned this wealth from Farming Income and YouTube Partnership Program. They get paid based on the time spent on their videos by the viewers. The longer subscriber will viewers watch their videos, the more money The Larson Farms can make. Larsen Farms Net Worth is not an exact number as no official disclosure has been made so his above-mentioned net worth has been collected from various authentic sources.


Larson Farms Wife

Chet Larson’s wife's name is Nicole Larson. Chet and Nicole got married on January 24, 2015, in Glenwood, MN. Chet Larson's wife expressed her immense creativity with Larson Rustic Home Furnishing in 2016. And, she also started the YouTube channel Nichols Untold Gold in January 2020. 

Nicole's health deteriorated day by day due to cancer. Nicole went to the emergency room with extreme chest pain that made breathing difficult. We found out that she had a mass of 9 cm in her chest between her lungs and esophagus. After several tests and a long wait, she was diagnosed with myeloid sarcoma cancer and she passed away on 27 May 2021 at the age of 25. Larson Farms wife Nicole Larson was suffering from sarcoma cancer passed away on 05/27/2021 after 6 pm. Nicole Larson death was a kind of shock to the larns, she was popularly known as Nikki was more known in the videos had sadly passed away.

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Larson Farms Age & Height

Not much is known about Larsen Farms Age and height from reliable sources, Larson Farms near Oakley, Minn., in Red Lake County, was inhabited by John. But Karl acknowledges that there are some consolations to the age of the firm. The short answer is Chet's grandfather, Marilyn, Doug, and Randy—we're a family farm, and like all family farms, it's complicated."


Larson Farms Instagram

Larson Farms Instagram account handle is @larson.farms which has over 121k Followers. They are highly active on Instagram accounts and other social media handles too.


Larson Farms Family

The Farms supports a large family, including three generations as Ray and Carol Larson. He has children, Lynn, Norm, Dave, with their spouses. In addition, Chanel features a grandson, Justin, who has a wife and two young children. Each member of the family serves as four full-time employees with one role on the farm. Lynn manages the crop side with Norm and Justin and Mike manages the cattle. Lynn and Mike serve as the primary hosts for students, teachers, as well as field moms.

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Larson Farms Earnings & Income

The monthly income of Larsen Farm is around $40K, which means that Larsen Farm has an annual income of around $480K. The average revenue generated from advertising is high depending on language, price, and current audience. Larson Farms, located in West Central Minnesota, is gaining prominence as the home of 1918 and earning a large income, especially from YouTube. Larsen Farm has a net worth of 700 thousand dollars.


Larson Farms Career

Larsen Farms is specializing as a channel for homesteading. They are excellent at making videos related to growing corn and soybeans. In addition, members of the family are dedicated to producing an excellent harvest. The crop enterprise is spread over 6,500 acres. In addition, it produces 150,000 bushels of soybeans per year as well as an average of about 875,000 bushels of corn. DeKalb Seed Dealership acts as a custom feedlot. The Larsen Farms operation produces 3,400 head of cattle and 7,000 ready-made cattle heads per year. Larson Farms is located at 1750 County Hwy 1 Ada, MN, 56510 US. Larson Farms allows people to contact them via the Larson Farms phone number (218) 784-2775. Larson Farms' net worth is listed in the net worth of top You Tuber and top company net worth list. Their farm is so famous because the family uses hospital-grade equipment to capture ultrasound images of the ribs. In addition, they also determine the optimal feeding times for animals on a high-energy nutritionist-produced diet before taking them to market. Apart from this, they also conduct soil testing. Along with this, they also formulate multi-year plans to improve crop productivity. Long-range planning for the farm, along with strategies for a vision, was put in place by Ray and Carol. All the above stuff raises a net worth of 700 hundred thousand dollars.

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Company Description

Larson Farm is located in Ada, MN, US, serves as part of the other crop farming industry. With a total of 1 lakh employees across multiple locations, Larson Farms generates $112,653 in sales (USD). Crop production falling into agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting has proved to be a well-known occupation today. These family members on the YouTube channel present the day-to-day operations on the farm!


Contact Information of Larson Farms:

Here We show you some official social accounts of Larson Farms to get in touch with him. You will still be aware of Larson's personal Contact number because he kept it private for security reasons. So you have the following social media handles for Larson Farms so that you can contact him. Let's see all the social media handles of Larson for reaching him -

Larson Farms Net Worht


It can be concluded that Larson Farms is a three-generation family partnership business with a net worth of  $700k as of 2022 which is growing day by day, where more than a lakh employees from various locations are working under the farm. 

Must Check - FAQs

1. What Is Larson Farms Net Worth?

According to the 2021 estimates, the Larson Farms Net Worth is estimated $700K.

2. How Much Does Larson Farms Make On YouTube?

Larson Farms YouTube channel’s monthly earnings estimated $40Kand that isyearly earnings are around $480K. Joined on 25th March, 2010 and Number of subscribers is 282K+.

3. How Old Is Chet Larson From Larson Farms?

Larson Farms is 57 years old.

4. Larson Farms How Many Acres?

A three-generation family partnership, Larsen Farms' harvest venture spans 6,500 acres. In addition, they produce 150,000 bushels of soybeans per year as well as an average of about 875,000 bushels of corn.

5. Who owns Larson Farms?

We are a family farm, and like all family farms, it is complicated. The short answer is Merlin (Chet's grandfather), Doug, and Randy. Chet is currently working his way into ownership.

6. What happened to Nicole Larson from Larson Farms?

On November 2, 2020, Nicole went to the emergency room with extreme chest pain that made breathing difficult. We found out that he had a mass of 9 cm in his chest between his lungs and esophagus. After several tests and a long wait, she was diagnosed with myeloid sarcoma cancer. Join us in his healing journey.

7. What happened to Chet Larson's wife?

Chet's wife Nikki passed away from cancer she has been fighting for the last one or two years.

8. How many employees does Larsen Farms have?

Larson Farms has a total of 1 employees across all locations and generates $92,824 in sales (USD). (The sales figure has been modelled).

9. Who owns Larsen Farms in Corel MN?

Today, Larson Farms – run by Larry and his son, Don – grow 45,000 hogs per year, 36,000 farrow-to-finish, alfalfa, corn and soybeans, in addition to cultivating 500 acres annually, along with grain.

10. How Much Is the Larson Farms Salary?

Larson Farms Salary Is Not Disclosed.

11. What Is Larson Farms Nationality?

Larson Farms Nationality Is American Nationality.

12. What Is Larson Farms Ethnicity?

Larson Farms Ethnicity Is American.