How to Fix MacBook Pro Dead and Not Turning On?

Are you tired of trying all kinds of things to turn on your MacBook but it still won't turn on? So today's article is just for you as I am going to tell you about some effective methods that will fix the issues and your MacBook will be working again.


If you have a MacBook you probably know that it is the most powerfully reliable machine on the market but you are stuck with MacBook that is refusing to turn on. Before knowing how to turn on MacBook Pro, you need to know why this happens?


Why MacBook Won't Turn On Issue?

How to Fix MacBook Pro Dead and Not Turning On?


MacBook Pro won't turn - This problem is usually with a specific component, It could be a Hardware device or third-party software, unlike windows which is very rare that you have initiated with the overall system in the case of the Macbook.


Common issues for why Apple Laptop won’t turn on

a) It could be from a faulty Hardware

b) Broken Hard-drive permissions

c) Damage System Files


So all go would be to help you wisely to rectify components and take the major effects to quickly fix the error like MacBook dead, MacBook pro not turning on, MacBook pro won't turn on but is charging.


To Fix MacBook Won't Turn On Issue Follow the Steps Below-


With the help of Power on Button to fix the issue

Press the power on button for 8 seconds if it does not turn on then try pressing the power on button twice or thrice, but if it is still refuse to turn on then follow the next step


Check your Adapter and Power Cable

First of all check your Adapter and Power Cable because it may cause the MacBook not to turn on issue, if it is so then replace your adapter and power cable with a new one.

If your MacBook Pro won’t turn on but is charging that means your power cable is all ok then

You need to connect your power cable to your Macbook and make sure you should get light on your charger whether it is green light or orange.

If you are not getting any light on your charger make sure to clean the port first

After showing a light on your cable make  a quick reset on your Macbook

Just find a Control Button life side of the keyboard, the Alt Button as well as the

power on button.

Just press and hold it for 5 seconds after 5 seconds quickly release the buttons and press the power on the button once again.

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Separate Battery from the Mother Board

First of all, close Your MacBook and unplug the Power cable of the MacBook

Open the back panel of the MacBook, and need to disconnect the battery from the motherboard,

Now reconnect the power cable and press the power on button for one or two or thrice the time, if it works and if you see that your MacBook Pro is turning on then immediately shutdown The MacBook and open the back panel, reconnect the battery to the motherboard 


Check the Hardware

The issue could occur due to loosely connecting cable then take a look around on the cables and make sure that each connection is ok

Now open safely your MacBook’s Ram door to restore your Hardware component like a Ram or a new hard drive because it can also cause the MacBook not turning on the issue, so in that case, you need to either reinstall the hardware or make sure each new component is perfectly in his sockets.

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Reset the NVRAM

NVRAM is also known as Non Volatile Random Access Memory which is a special type of memory that may occur the issue, to fix the issue you need to reset the NVRAM and the process is mentioned below-

  1. Shutdown your MacBook
  2. Simultaneously Press and hold command+ Option +P+R keys to turn on your MacBook


Reset the SMC

The SMC or System Management Controller is the built-in controller for a MacBook and is also known as a more advanced solution for fix the MacBook not turning on issue.

To reset the SMC follow as bellow-

Shut down the MacBook and unplug the power cable

In the next step reconnect the power cable of the MacBook and press Shift+ Ctrl+ Option/Alt key and the power on the button alltogether

Release the key at the same time and you can see a smooth flicker on the power cable light

That’s mean your MacBook SMC Reset process is successfully done

Then press the Power on Button to Turn on the MacBook


Reinstalling macOS

If the above-mentioned ideas don’t work to turn on your MacBook dead then try this one and I am sure it will surely work for you. In this process you need to reinstall the macOS, to reinstall it follow the below-mentioned steps-


Contact to MacBook Repair Center:

We hope you were successfully fixing your MacBook Pro which was not turning on or was facing the dead issue. Since the above-mentioned methods have helped many Macbook users with their dead issues and we also expect that it also works for you as well.

After the appropriate processes, if your device is still not fixed or if it doesn't work, then there are chances of some fault issue with the motherboard or hard-drive or Technical issue in your MacBook Pro which needs a Level 4 Repair, and You know that it can't be done at home. In those cases, you have to contact a MacBook Repair Center as well. So search for a top-notch and also cost-effective service center for Macbook Pro in your locality. Contact them quickly to help you bring your MacBook Pro back to life.

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