Where is the most Popular Spots in the world to take a selfie?

Where is the most Popular Spots in the world to take a selfie?

Where is the most Popular Spots in the world to take a selfie

Where is the most Popular Spots in the world to take a selfie?

We have listed the most popular spot for Selfies in World - Taking a selfie is one of the pleasant moments of our life. We all like to take selfies there is no doubt about this. When we travel, the selfie is the thing that stands out the most than other things. According to a survey, a normal person takes 25,000 selfies in life. Many beautiful places in the world are famous for taking a selfie. We all know that a person doesn’t want his all selfie in gym and mirrors, all want a beautiful place for taking a selfie. So here the list of some beautiful places on the earth for taking selfies.


Eiffel Tower

What’s better than the Eiffel Tower for taking selfies, Eiffel tower reverses its position as number one. Taking selfies in Paris takes place on everyone’s bucket list and everyone wants to take a selfie in front of the Eiffel tower. No one can beat the power of the Eiffel Tower in taking selfies. The views that the Eiffel tower gives at the sunset are amazing. This 1,000 feet tower can win your heart with its glorious look. For many years it’s attracted many viewers and its charm still the same. One of the popular spots for selfies in the World!


Burj Khalifa

Dubai will attract you with its luxurious looks, the tallest building in the world is one of the main places where you can take amazing selfies. So if you are visiting Dubai you can’t miss the chance of taking selfies in Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa is a royal place with a height of 2,700 feet makes the best choice of tourist for selfies, So we listed it in the list of popular spots for Selfies across the world. This place also wins everyone's heart with its charming look and luxurious building so if you have confusion about where to visit then visit Dubai is the best option for you because the city is full of adventures and grand places. Also, a selfie with Burj khalifa will give you happiness.


Colosseum Rome

Let's talk about some beautiful spots on the earth. If you are visiting Italy then you can't miss the fun of visit in colosseum Rome. Italy has many historical places to visit in and Colosseum Rome is one of them. Also, the place comes under the list of seven wonders in the world. Colosseum is surely the best place to taking selfies we can't deny this fact. The Romans face so many earthquakes and disasters and this makes this a sick city. But still, the colosseum is one of the best places where you have to visit and take selfies. When you will see a selfie with this masterpiece in your gallery you will smile.


The Great Wall of China

Everyone is familiar with this place and wants to visit it once in life. The architecture of the wall will amaze you and you surely like it. The place also takes place in seven wonders of the world. The place is one of the best places to take selfies. The wall is straight up. There is also a myth that says that you can see the wall even from the moon. When you are on the wall you can see the beautiful mountain and the countryside of China. Most of the part of the wall is damage but you have still a place for taking selfies. So include this place in your wish list.


Pyramids of Giza

You must fall in love with the pyramids of Giza. You will surely want to explore more when you are visiting Egypt. When seeing the pyramids you want to know more about the history of Egypt because pyramids will increase your curiosity and you can't help yourself with this. So if you are planning to visit Egypt then you have to go to see the pyramids of Giza. This is one of the wonders of the world and a good place to taking selfies.


Wrap UP

So the above spots are the best and popular spots where you can catch your moments with your dear ones!

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