Nev schulman Net Worth | Nev schulman Wife, Girlfriend, Age, Height & Bio

Nev schulman Net Worth | Nev schulman Wife, Girlfriend, Age, Height & Bio

Nev Schulman Net Worth, Age, Height, Wife, Birthday

Nev schulman Net Worth | Nev schulman Wife, Girlfriend, Age, Height & Bio

Name Nev Schulman
Profession TV host and producer
Date of Birth  September 26, 1984
Age  39 Years
Birth Place  New York


The Biography of Nev Schulman 

Nev Schulman is a famous American TV host and producer, he is also known for his famous documentary catfish. He is currently hosting and producing the series Catfish: The TV shows on MTV. He is also an actor.


Nev Schulman Early life 

He was born in New York into a Jewish family, he also has an elder brother who focused on filmmaking and acting. He accidentally got into TV because early in life he was more focused on photography. In high school, he got into photography. Also, he starts taking a dance class. He takes dance classes in continually 5 years. He got expelled from his school for some reason.


Nev Schulman Career

He starts his career at an early age. He starts a photography and film production company with his brother. After that, he gets involved with the contemporary ballet community and starts photographic dance. He is a part of the young leadership committee.

In the year 2010, he produces a documentary catfish in which he falls in love with a woman online. And after some time when he met her in real life, he finds out that the woman is not the same which she claimed to be. After that, he produces and hosts a show on MTV named Catfish: The TV Show. He also has a partner named max joseph. He starts a show with him where he introduces couples who meet online and fall in love with each other, but they are not meet in real life yet. In the year 2018, he faces a legal issue about sexual misconduct and his production house got close after some time he got a clean chit from this case.

He also wrote a book in 2014, in this book he described how he works on catfish after that he works in a movie with max, the movie's name was nobody’s fool.


Nev Schulman Personal life 

His personal life is also like his show, he meets his better half on Instagram. Firstly he offers a date on a motorcycle on Instagram, after that, they live in a relationship after that they got to break up but after some time they again get in a relationship after his girlfriend got pregnant and she gives birth to a baby girl. They give her the name Cleo James. They got their engagement done in May 2016. In July 2017 they tie the knot. In 2019, January he again becomes a father and his wife gives birth to her second baby. In April 2021, they post on Instagram and said they are excepting their 3rd baby.


Nev Schulman Net worth

He has a net worth of around $500 thousand.


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Contact Info: Nev Schulman

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Nev Schulman FAQs 

Question 1 How old are Nev Schulman?

He was born on 26 September 1984, which makes him 36 years old.



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