Peter Nelson Net Worth, HBO, Girl Friend, Age, Height, Relationship

Peter Nelson Net Worth, HBO, Girl Friend, Age, Height, Relationship

Peter Nelson Net Worth Income, Peter Nelson Girlfriend, Age, Peter Nelson Height - Peter Nelson is the former Home Box Office Executive Vice President HBO. After stepping out as Sofia Franklyn's boyfriend, he came to stardom. Sofia is a radio and internet starlet. She is famous for presenting the podcast Call Her Daddy alongside Alex Cooper. The portfolio of Peter Nelson has " forty under 40" written which signifies that Peter Nelson was once the supporter of the famous theatre of America called American ballet theatre.

Peter Nelson Net Worth Income | Peter Nelson Girlfriend Bio | Peter Nelson HBO, Height & Age

Peter Nelson Net Worth, HBO, Girl Friend, Age, Height, Relationship

Name Peter Nelson
Profession Former Home Box Office Executive Vice President HBO
Birth Year 1981
Age 39 Years
Net Worth $3 Million
Birth Place Newton, Massachusetts

Peter Nelson Net Worth

Peter has been in the Media and entertainment sector since 2011. He was included in the Forty Under 40 list in 2019 by Sports Business Daily. He has reached high in this industry with his hard work and perseverance. His net worth is around 2.5 million US dollars. As he is the vice president of the HBO sports division, the main source of Income for Peter Nelson comes from working in the HBO sports department.


Peter Nelson Girlfriend

According to a news outlet, Peter Nelson and Sophia Franklyn dated for more than one year. Peter, meanwhile, appeared as her manager throughout all those times. Sophia, the 28-year-old, popular radio host, podcaster, and blogger has been in a relationship with peter since 2019. People also noted that she referred to Peter as Suitman in early 2019 on her podcast. Now, Is Sophia still dating the suitman? Yes, They are in a relationship at present.


Peter Nelson Bio

Peter was born in 1981, he never disclosed the date, time, and month of birth. However, we all know that he was born in Newton, Massachusetts, USA. As of 2021, his age is 40 years. This former Vice President of HBO is an American Citizen. He is known for his excellent work in the field of HBO sports department and the management programming of HBO sports. He has started HBO pay-per-view and a famous boxing franchise in HBO sports.


Peter Nelson Relationship

No information was publicly shared, such as his family and siblings' identities and whereabouts. We only know about his girlfriend, Sophia Franklyn who is the famous podcast star and host of the famous show called her daddy. After the first appearance of Peter Nelson on the show of Sophia Franklyn, Peter Nelson came into the limelight and that is where Sophia Franklyn and Peter Nelson started dating each other.


Peter Nelson HBO

Recently Peter Nelson has been promoted to the post of Executive Vice-president of HBO!


Peter Nelson Age

Peter was born in the year 1981 therefore he is 40 years old as of today in 2021.


Personal details about Peter Nelson


Peter Nelson Career



Peter Nelson Education


Involvement in CallHerDaddy

Peter Nelson has discreetly advised the Call Her Daddy team to renovate their contracts. He has indeed alerted them mostly on the nature of the program multiple times. Peter worked on a deal for both of them notwithstanding a dispute among Sophia Franklyn with her co-host. Peter even succeeded in making a contract with Wondery and finally named their program The Fathers.


Must Check - FAQs

1. What is the net worth of Peter Nelson?

Peter Nelson has an estimated net worth of $3 Million.

2. How old is Peter Nelson?

Peter Nelson is 39 Years old.

3. To whom Peter Nelson is dating now!

According to a news outlet, Peter Nelson and Sophia Franklyn dated for more than one year.

4. How tall is Peter Nelson HBO

Peter Nelson Height is about 5 feet and 8 inches.