Top 50 Clothing Brands in World in 2022

Top 50 Clothing Brands in World in 2022

Top 50 clothing brands in World must have a look - In today’s time, brands have become an important part of our lives. Everyone loves to wear glamorous brands which represent status and can be recognized easily. Wearing famous brands makes you peculiar and gives you the confidence to stand out. There are uncountable clothing brands all over the world, the only difference is that not every brand is popular. Recognizing all the glorious brands is a necessity in this world full of bragger and trends.

We’ve compiled the top 50 shopping brands in this list for you to give your personality a unique identity and if you are not familiar with any of these brands then you will be considered a boring and outdated person. To avoid this, keep reading and check out all the top brands.

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Let’s go then:-

Gucci:- It is an Italy-based luxurious and most expensive shopping brand. The quality of clothes from Gucci is worth the price. If you are one of the brand lovers then you must include at least two or three wearings in your closet. The brand has created a lavish image among celebrities and models. Gucci has its stores all over the world among which New York has got the largest Gucci store in the world. This iconic brand never fails to amaze you with quality and style and with its gorgeous workmanship, the brand is always on the top 10 fashion brands and its products include footwear, handbags, clothes, accessories, and belts.

Top 50 Clothing Brands in World in 2022

Louis Vuitton:- It is also one of the very popular clothing companies of French known for its amazing and rich collection of clothes, sunglasses, perfumes, and other items. It is also famous for its leather goods that are expensive and bold. With its exclusive product, Louis Vuitton is one of the most profitable brands in the world. So if you are a collector of quirky brands, never miss out on this best clothing brand. If you are interested in knowing the history of this legendary popular clothing company then you must read its book. Another reason why everyone is so obsessed with this brand is Nicolas Ghesquière, a fashion designer at Louis Vuitton since 2013.


Zara:- In the list of top 10 fashion brands, Zara is the most popular and its products include top wear, footwear, bags, and other beauty products. Women mostly prefer to shop from Zara as their women's wear is considered the best in the world with mesmerizing design and quality. Madrid has the largest showroom of Zara in the whole world, they sell the best fashionable clothes and the best thing is that at Zara you will get clothes at every price, from affordable to expensive, this fashion brand has got everything for you. Zara is a worldwide famous Spanish brand that is now selling its product with higher customer satisfaction without compromising on style and comfort. It is established in 1975 by Amancio Ortega and now it has more than 2000 stores in almost 96 countries.


H&M:- H&M stands for Hennes and Mauritz, a Swedish multinational selling company with over 5000+ stores all over the world. The fashion brand produces high-quality jeans, jackets, shoes, tops, hoodies, accessories, lingerie, and much more. Erling Persson has founder this shopping brand in  1947 in Sweden. This best-selling clothing brand focuses on providing top-quality products and the designer always tends to bring a new trend for everyone. H&M is the second-largest clothing retailer company in the world with a wide variety of products. The company is also serving online to its customers in almost 33 countries for easier accessibility of their best collection.


Versace:- In the list of top 10 fashion brands, how can one forget Versace, it is an Italian fashion brand founded in 1978. It is a globally popular brand for its apparel, accessories, and bags. Its luxurious and kickass women's and men’s wear represent amazing craftsmanship. Their products are also available on different e-commerce websites which provide online door-to-door delivery to all its customers. Gianni Versace was the founder and fashion designer of this best clothing company and after his death, Donatella Versace becomes the designer and director of Versace in 1997. She made Versace a worldwide honorable brand of the 21st century.

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Dior:- Most desirable among popular clothing companies, Dior is a French clothing brand that was founded 74 years ago by Christian Dior. The products of this brand are pricey and luxurious which makes you look fancy and loaded. The brand is especially famous for its makeup products and perfume whereas its clothes are also uniquely designed. Dior never fails to represent itself as a best-selling clothing brand that serves its customers globally. Currently, there is a total of 210 stores Dior worldwide and its prime focus is on women's wear and beauty products. Maria Grazia Chiuri is currently the fashion designer at Dior.


Burberry:--Out of all the popular shopping brands, Burberry is a British clothing brand based in London. It produces ready-to-wear clothes, perfumes, jackets, shoes, and accessories. It’s especially popular for formal attires, coats and suits, and sunglasses. Burberry fans are now everywhere in the world and it is currently operating more than 400 stores around the globe. Thomas Burberry founded this leading brand about 165 years ago in 1856. According to a study, it is noted that Burberry generates revenue of 2.63 billion pounds in 2020. It is one of the best clothing brands that target celebrities and wealthy people as its customers and recently a Japanese actress named Elaiza Ikeda is announced as a brand ambassador of this fashion brand.


Chanel:- This is among the best clothing companies in French. Its bags and clothes are always in trend. Coco Chanel founded this glamorous fashion brand in 1910. The font that is used in the logo of Chanel is “Couture”. This top clothing brand has expertise in women’s wear, jewellery, and bags. This fashion house is now serving the best designer apparel worldwide with up to 310 stores. It has collaborated with many actors and directors to manifest the glory of the brand. Today’s young women are obsessed with the little dresses of Chanel designed by Virginie Viard.


Armani:- Here is another Italian fashion house among all the popular brands that are in our list of top 10 fashion brands, famous for its amazing clothing, especially for suits, and formal wear. Armani showrooms are present everywhere around the world. The fabric they use in making products is very high quality and luxurious to provide the best comfort. Celebrities are mostly big fans of this clothing house due to its worldwide service and accessibility. Its sub-brand Armani exchange is famous for its casual wear like a t-shirt and bottom wear. Armani is more expensive than Armani exchange, this is the only between both of them. The targeted customers of this fashion brand are youngsters and teenagers.


Tommy Hilfiger:- Tommy Hilfiger is one of the American popular clothing companies that manufacture accessories, perfumes, T-shirts, jeans, shoes, and other men’s and women’s wear. The reason why this is one of the favourite clothing brands of everyone is its price, they manufacture everything at expensive and affordable prices as well. So that everyone can buy it easily. The T-shirt of Tommy Hilfiger is the current obsession of many teenagers. They are also experts in making kids' wear with great fabric. Thomas Jacob Hilfiger, an American fashion designer founded Tommy Hilfiger in 1985. By 2018, Tommy Hilfiger has a total of 930 showrooms in Europe only.

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Hermès:- Hermès is one of the French best clothing companies specialising in manufacturing watches, bags, ready-to-wear clothes, and accessories. Due to its stunning designs and craftsmanship, it is very popular among celebrities and models. Thierry Hermès founded this glamorous fashion house in 1837 in Paris. In 1929, Hermès has launched its first creation which is a women’s apparel collection. The targeted market of Hermès is mostly the people who love fashion and do not care about prices. Presently a total of 306 retail showrooms Hermès is running around the world.


American Eagle:- Among the best shopping brands, American Eagle is an American lifestyle clothing brand also known as American eagle outfitters. Their products are high quality with extra comfort. The prices of American Eagle clothes are not that high, so it is easily affordable for people of every class. It is founded in 1977 and its headquarter is in Pittsburgh, United States. American Eagle generated revenue of 375.9 crores USD in 2020. Aerie is also owned by American Eagle outfitters. There is a total of 1307 stores around the globe as of 2021 and the first store of American Eagle outfitters was opened in Novi, Michigan.


Levi’s:- Levi’s is a worldwide famous fashion brand for denim wear and t-shirts. Its jeans are highly preferred by Indians and people of countries. It is the leading brand of denim, founded in 1853. The company is currently operating 2800 stores all around the world. They manufacture such great quality clothes at reasonable prices. College students are big fans of  Levi’s t-shirts and jeans. They also manufacture shoes and other accessories. They deliver their goods to every corner of the world.        


Calvin Klein:- Calvin Richard Klein launched the Calvin Klein company in 1967, a brand of undergarments, lingerie, apparel, perfumes, and much more. Their quality is far more satisfactory than any other popular clothing company. It has now become a recognizable label of best-selling clothing brands at the international level. Many famous Hollywood celebrities had photoshoots for Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein has got everything to offer that this modern generation needs. If you call yourself fashionable and someone who follows the trends then you must have a luxurious collection of Calvin Klein goods.


French Connection:- It is a UK-based fashion brand founded in 1972 by Stephen A. Marks. The company offers amazing quality watches, ready-to-wear, bags, and accessories. Their goods are easily available on e-commerce websites and social media. The franchise of French connection is now in 254 different locations. Unlike other best clothing companies, it focuses on creating high-quality luxury products with great comfort. Their targeted market is people from the middle to high class. It specializes in watches and jewellery, however, the clothes are also satisfactory and stunning. Home decor is also included in the manufacturing categories.


Prada:- It is another luxurious Italian fashion brand that is famous for its lavishing clothing collection. It is founded by Mario Prada in 1913 and its collection includes perfumes, dresses, jewellery, accessories, and footwear. Prada is one of the most expensive fashion houses popular among Hollywood celebrities and models. Miuccia Bianchi is currently responsible for designing and taking this rich brand to the next level. Prada offers the modern generation with new trendy collections every year. The label Prada made €2.42 billion in 2020 and operates more than 600 showrooms worldwide.


Adidas:- Adidas is one of the best shopping brands founded in 1949 by Adolf Dassler in Germany. This multinational company is known for its sportswear like t-shirts, sneakers, shoes, track pants, and bags. Adidas is the largest sportswear brand in Europe and the second-largest brand in the world. Adidas has more than 2000 stores around the world and presently it is the most preferable sportswear brand among youngsters and gym freaks. They also manufacture sports bras and tights for women to achieve their goals and to help them stay fit.


Guess:- It is also a fashion brand for both men and women. Jewellery, accessories, watches, bags, and shoes are also included in the making category. It is a multinational brand operating around 1420 stores in different countries. Many celebrities and models pose for this shopping brand and it is very famous among high-class people. It is founded in 1981 in Los Angeles, California by Paul Marciano, George Marciano, Maurice Marciano and Armand Marciano. The target of this fashion house is to provide people with class and elegance. Their goods are made from top-quality material.


Mango:- Mango is a Spanish fashion brand founded in 1984. The obsession with this brand is very high among youngsters and people with class. Isak and Nahman Andic are the brothers who founded this glamorous brand. The label makes high fashion clothes, accessories, and footwear. The label has over 2100 stores worldwide and its style is loved by everyone, however, the goods are pricey but luxurious. Their unique design attracts everyone but not everyone can afford this label. Their products are made from natural and high-quality materials like silk, cotton, and wool.


Nike:- Nike is also one of the best clothing companies famous for its sportswear and shoes. It is one of the largest brands of sportswear in the whole world. It is founded in 1964 in the United States by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman.  Their products are worldwide famous, especially among fitness freaks and young people. Nike service is always available online on many e-commerce websites and there are also more than 1000 stores present globally.  Their manufacturers stay focused to provide comfort and style to their customers. They provide all kinds of sports equipment that you need for exercise.


Forever 21:- Founded in 1984 in California, this shopping brand has become popular among people of all age groups. The label designs clothes to meet the trend and styles of today’s generation. Teenagers are big fans of forever 21. This is also the best-selling clothing brand with reasonable prices and offers its service worldwide. It is a very fast-growing fashion house that attracts everyone with its unique design and trendy offers. Everyone can afford it easily as it provides the best quality material and the prices are not that high. They are also experts in making glamorous accessories and jewellery.


Lacoste:- Lacoste is one of the internationally popular brands founded in 1933. It becomes very famous for its apparel like t-shirts, shirts, and jeans, it also sells sportswear, sports shoes, and sunglasses. Its luxury lifestyle clothing is quite expensive and bold as well. This fashion house is founded by tennis players named Renè Lacoste and Andrè Gillier. They deliver their goods to different corners of the world for easier accessibility. The headquarter of Lacoste is located in France and is currently present in more than 100 countries. Moreover, it is a lavish clothing brand with classy designs and craftsmanship.


Puma:- Around 73 years ago in 1948, this legendary brand was founded by Rudolph Dassler. Puma is popular for its athletic wear, sneakers, backpacks, and accessories. Puma is an expensive sportswear clothing house that is headquartered in Germany. Its sports bra, tights and shoes are worldwide famous and it also owned 730 stores in different countries of the world. The quality of clothes is very amazing and comfortable which is why the brand is pricey.


Under Armour:- Under Armour is also a very lavish clothing brand popular for its casual wear, bags, and other sports accessories. It is originated in Washington DC, the USA in 1996. Currently Under Armour is operating around 15,000 retailer stores in the world. Due to the high-quality material and workmanship, the goods are highly rated yet the brand receives amazing reviews from customers. Overall the products from Under Armour are worth the price and investment.


Balenciaga:- Balenciaga was founded in Spain by a fashion designer named Cristòbal Balenciaga in 1917. But currently, it is based in Paris and doing pretty amazing with high fashion designer clothes, accessories, footwear, and much more. The brand has made a reputation among youngsters, especially among boys. They all are loving their hoodies and t-shirts and flaunt them at colleges and universities. Balenciaga always amazes its fans with new stylish and trendy goods.


Fendi:- Fendi has the best collection for both men and women, its perfumes, clothes, bags, and footwear is just fabulous. It is an Italy-based fashion brand founded in 1925 by Adele Fendi and Edoardo Fendi. Its fur and leather goods are specifically famous among fashion lovers and models. Kim Jones is announced as the new fashion designer of Fendi and the brand also successfully opened more the 200 stores around the globe. Everything is now available on their official website, so you can always shop for their amazing collections.


Gant:- In 1949, Bernard Gantmacher has launched Gant in the United States. It has got huge popularity due to its stunning and mid-range clothes and other goods. Their collections are for both men and women for every season and mood. Gant is now easily available on different e-commerce websites to provide its service globally. Every year they come up with more fashionable and trendy products and provide higher satisfaction to the customers.


Lee:- Lee is an American clothing fashion brand founded in 1889 by Henry David Lee. It is famous for its denim, t-shirt, and shirts and is highly popular among middle-aged men and young boys. The quality of denim and other garments is very amazing and the best thing is that all its products of Lee are reasonably priced. The design of t-shirts is full of funny characters and designs that look very funky and elegant. Lee is available globally online and offline as well.


Madame:- Madame is an Indian fashion brand based in Haryana and it is launched in 1980. The most targeted customers of this best-selling clothing brand are women and young girls as Madame is popular for its fashionable clothing and designs. Shirts, bags, jeans, tops, jackets, ethnic dresses, and western dresses are included in their manufacturing and supply. It is a little expensive fashion brand but the elegance of its products is just worth every penny. There are around 150 stores in India and also available on online shopping sites. The glamorous collection of Madame is not only for women but for men and kids too.


Old Navy:- Old Navy was established in 1994 by Mickey Drexler in San Francisco. It is also a multinational brand recognized for its trendy collections of apparel, accessories, shoe,s and other products. You can also shop here for kids and infants too. It provides great products with high-quality manufacturing and comfort. You can never go wrong with old navy as every season they launch the latest apparel collection for everyone. 1,106 stores are currently running around the globe of Old Navy.


Aèropostale:- Aèropostale is also one of the very famous clothing brands from the US. Young boys and girls are more obsessed with the t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies from Aèropostale. Founded in 1987, this brand is now distributing its stunning clothes and accessories worldwide. Both showrooms and shopping sites are also offering huge discounts on shopping. They are principally focused on manufacturing casual wear more than formal to attract youngsters. This fashion brand is preferred by everyone due to its affordability and fabulous quality.


Dorothy Perkins:- Dorothy Perkins is also a women-focused fashion brand that believes in supporting young ladies to achieve their dreams in a more fashionable and trendy way. It is founded in 1909 and became a multinational women’s clothing fashion house based in the UK. Dorothy Perkins brings new fashion styles for women every year and the brand is not very much expensive and not cheap either. It is said that Dorothy Perkins sells a product every two seconds in the world and currently there are 351 showrooms present in UK and 108 in other countries.


Gap:- Gap is a globally famous clothing brand founded by Donald Fisher and Doris F. Fisher in 1969 in California. It manufactures men’s, women’s, and kidswear. Jewellery, accessories, jackets, hoodies, and footwear are also included in the list. It is a very luxurious and famous clothing brand around the world with more than 3000 stores. E-commerce websites are also distrusting products from Gap in different countries. High fashion dresses are very popular among girls and women.


All about you:- The fashion brand is based in Hamburg founded in the year 2014. Indian actress Deepika Padukone has also collaborated with All about you for the Myntra portal. The principal target of this clothing house is women of all age groups and young girls as they manufacture western, traditional, and ethnic wear for all categories. The prices are extremely affordable of the products and the quality is also amazing. It features a great variety of western dresses and tops for women.


Wrangler:- The brand is founded in 1904 by C.C Hudson and since then the casual wear and work wear of wranglers are ruling the hearts of young men. It is an American clothing brand that provides jeans, shirts, and t-shirts at cheap prices. Many famous footballers have advertised for wrangler which is why it is the desired brand. From casual to sports to formal, wrangler has got everything for you in the not very high price range. The demand for wranglers is increasing very rapidly and the manufacturers never fail to meet that demand.


Ralph Lauren:- So, here is another elegant and expensive clothing brand founded in America by Ralph Lauren in 1967. There is a number of labels that come under Ralph Lauren out of which the Ralph Lauren Purple label is the most luxurious and valuable. Men’s wear from this fashion house is in very high demand and popular among rich and famous people. Due to the high pricing of goods, it is not affordable for middle and low-class people. Their authentic design apparel never disappoints you in the quality and texture of the clothing.


The North Face:- An American brand that is now been recognized due to its great designed apparel and other accessories. The jacket and hoodies by The North Face are extremely comfortable and warm for the winter season. The North Face is among the best-selling clothing brand in America while the prices are a little bit high. There are presently 5000 stores of The North Face in the world located in 50 different countries. E-commerce websites are also available for deliveries in all locations.


Uniqlo:-  Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing brand for men, women, and kids. Tadashi Yanai has launched Uniqlo in 1949. Their collections are very trendy and cool with good quality fabric for comfort and style. Both men and women including kids are their targeted market. You can also get the Uniqlo app from your app store and start shopping their trendy designs. Uniqlo is the most favorite clothing brand in Japan with 827 stores in the country and around 1000 stores worldwide.


Michael Kors:- Michael Kors was launched by an American fashion designer Michael David Kors who is currently the chief executive officer of his clothing house Michael Kors. It is a fantastic fashion house for its designer women's clothing, bags, and watches. If you are someone who loves luxurious items then Michael Kors is for you, many e-commerce websites are also delivering their goods so you can add them to your wardrobe anytime. Their bags and dresses are very famous among celebrities and wealthy people.


Hugo Boss:- Hugo Boss is a superior Germany-based fashion brand founded in 1924 by Hugo boss. Products they manufacture are men’s wear, women’s wear, perfumes, watches, and other products. It is an elegant and luxurious brand mostly preferred by business tycoons and celebrities who likes to stay classy always. Ladies with class and elegance are also big fans of this lavishing fashion house. Casual wear is also included in their manufacturing with comfort and style. Today Hugo boss is operating 1,157 stores around the world and ruling everyone’s wardrobe due to its exclusive designs.


Next:- It is a British fashion brand founded in 1864 by Joseph Hepworth in Germany. Their clothing collection is highly recommended to everyone due to its amazing design and craftsmanship. They also make footwear, handbags, home interior decor, jeans, jewelry, watches, and other essential accessories for men, women, and children as well. It has around 700 stores worldwide out of which 500 are in the United Kingdom only and the rest 200 showrooms are in the different countries of Europe and Asia.


Dolce and Gabbana:- It is also an Italian brand established in 1985 by Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce. Their apparels include fun, fur, art, floral design and they always stay in trend with highly embellished dresses and jewelry. Men’s wear is also their prime concern to grab the best customers for life. This is a leading brand for its perfect material and workmanship that includes comfort and glamour. The label is always the first choice of celebrities as it provides all kinds of styles and maintains an outstanding fashion line.


Givenchy:- Givenchy is a unisex multinational clothing brand that originated from France. Hubert De Givenchy has launched it in 1952 and it became the most trusted fashion house. Their high-end ready-to-wear is always ready to catch everyone’s attention. The designer of Givenchy is focused on providing new trends with extra fashion and glamour to the Givenchy shoppers. Kidswear of this brand is very stylish and trendy that gives a cool look to the children. Their perfumes and colognes are also the reason for their popularity.


Kenneth Cole:- Founded in 1982 by Kenneth Cole and Sam Edelman, it is now a very lavishing brand famous for men's and women's apparel, watches, heels, shoes, winter wear, and jewelry. No matter what season you are shopping for, you can always count Kenneth Cole in. This is the must-have brand in your closet due to its glamorous lifestyle clothing and designs that make you look uniquely perfect. It has 63 stores in the US and e-commerce websites as well.


Kohl’s:- Kohl’s is one of the best-selling clothing brands of America founded in 1962 by Maxwell Kohl. Their exclusive collection includes women's wear, men’s wear, accessories, jewelry, footwear, and other products. This fashion is full of trends and running 1,158 stores around the world presently. Kohl’s offers a senior discount of 15% for people more than 60 years of age. The fashion house is focused on fulfilling the demand of every of people from all age groups.


Lulu lemon:- Lulu lemon is a sportswear clothing brand that offers activewear, yoga mats, sports bra, shoes, and other equipment. It is founded in 1998 by Chip Wilson in Vancouver, Canada. Lulu lemon is expanding its business throughout the world and currently, 491 stores are working in different countries. Their sports equipment is highly durable and functional and apparels are also great to support you. It is one of the best athletic clothing brands that brings new trends for the gym freaks every year.


Vans:- One of the American manufacturing shopping brands, Vans was established in 1966. It is worldwide famous for shoes and sneakers but the clothes collection is also worth giving try. It is an expensive brand due to amazing craftsmanship and labour force that provide you with the quality and most importantly the design of the goods. The tees, shorts, and jeans are very fashionable for casual wear and mostly recommended for youngsters especially when you are with your group or at school or university.


Hollister:- Hollister has come in the year 2000 and was launched by Abercrombie and Fitch. This fashion brand is mainly created for young girls and boys keeping their styles in mind. Today with more than 400 stores around the world Hollister has become one of the most desired and best-selling clothing brands in different countries. Their t-shirts and joggers are the favourite collections of every teenager. It is now becoming globally famous for its casual wear and quality of work.


Lanvin:- Lanvin is a French fashion brand founded in 1889 by Jeanne Lanvin. It is a high fashion luxurious clothing brand for women’s wear and men’s wear, sneakers, shoes, and accessories are also included in the goods they manufacture. You can also buy designer handbags and classy sunglasses from their stores or any shopping site. Lanvin is the third oldest French fashion house that is disturbing their collections and glory around the different countries of the world.


Balmain:- Balmain is also a well-known fashion brand in France that was launched in 1945 by Pierre Balmain. It's luxurious ready-to-wear is the main attraction among models and classy ladies. Olivier Rousteing has been the current designer at Balmain since 2011. From luxury handbags, footwear, dresses, and jewellery to men’s wear, Balmain has so much to offer. The design and colour of their products can grab anyone’s attention instantly. If you are a fashion lover then you would love to have at least something from Balmain.

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